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Indie Game Bundle Update for May 23, 2014

Ready for an indie game bundle update? Sorry for the delay. The indie game bundle update is back and there are 17 brand new game #compilations just waiting to be bought and enjoyed. And as usual we have updated the bundle supporting #Linux in BOLD

Also, remember that there’s a different daily Humble Bundle every day until May 26, 2014. You may want to check in every day, though it seems like most of the indie game bundles there are reruns. Still, keep it in mind.

  • Bundle Stars The Hacker Bundle: Pay $2.99 to get Hacker Evolution (Windows) and its one DLC package, Hacker Evolution: Untold (Windows, Mac) and its one DLC package, and Hacker Evolution: Duality (Windows, Mac, Linux) and its 6 DLC packages.
  • Bundle Stars The Intense Bundle: Pay $3.99 for Rescue: Everyday Heroes (Windows), Gray Matter (Windows), Infinite Space III: Sea of Stars (Windows), Gomo (Windows, Mac), QuestRun (Windows) Adventure Park (Windows), CT Special Forces: Fire for Effect (Windows) Fortix 2 (Windows, Mac, Linux) Hotel Collector’s Edition (Windows, Mac) and Zooloretto (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars Reboot 2.0 Bundle: Pay $2 to get Afterfall Insanity: Extended Edition (Windows), Disciples III: Renaissance (Windows), Galaxy on Fire 2 Full HD (Windows), Sniper: Ghost Warrior Gold Edition (Windows), Tower Wars (Windows, Mac), and Weird Worlds: Return to Infinite Space (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars Reboot 3.0 Bundle: Pay $2.99 to get Rune Classic (Windows), X-Blades (Windows), Hoard Complete Pack (Windows, Mac), Ion Assault (Windows), Knights & Merchants (Windows), and Planets Under Attack (Windows, Mac)
  • Bundle Stars RPG Champions Bundle: Pay $5 to get Two Worlds II (Windows, Mac), Two Worlds II Pirates of the Flying Fortress DLC (Windows, Mac), Two Worlds Epic Edition (Windows), Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator (Windows), Enclave (Windows), and Gorky 17 (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars SimMasters Bundle: Pay $2.99 to get Construction Machines 2014 (Windows), Demolition Master 3D (Windows), Recovery Search & Rescue Simulation (Windows), Mining & Tunneling Simulator (Windows), Bridge Constructor (Windows, Mac, Linux), Eurofighter Typhoon (Windows), and Xpand Rally (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars Turbo Bundle: Pay $2.99 to get Race: The WTCC Game and Caterham Expansion (Windows), GTR FIA GT Racing (Windows), GTR 2: FIA GT Racing (Windows), Race On (Windows), Race Injection (Windows), GTR Evolution (Windows), and GT Legends (Windows).
  • Bundle Stars The Wild Bundle: Pay $2.99 to get Edna & Harvey: Harvey’s New Eyes (Windows, Mac), A New Beginning: Final Cut (Windows, Mac), Gateways (Windows, Mac, Linux), Alien Zombie Megadeath (Windows), Mutant Storm: Reloaded (Windows), Astro Tripper (Windows), and Vitrum (Windows).
  • Groupees Build a Greenlight Bundle 6: Pay between $0.25-2, or more, to build a bundle that can contain Steam and Metal (Windows), Friendship Club (Windows, Mac), Towers of Altrac (Windows, Mac, Linux), Agapan (Windows), Magic Meisters (Windows), The Lady (Windows), Tales of the Orient: The Rising Sun (Windows, Mac), Loot Hunter (Windows, Mac), and Steamalot: Epoch’s Journey (Windows, Mac).
  • Groupees Clash of the World Bundles: USA: Pay at least $1 to get Retro/Grade (Windows), Banzai Pecan: Last Hope for the Young Century (Windows), Famaze (Windows), Eschalon: Book I (Windows, Mac, Linux), Eschalon: Book II (Windows, Mac, Linux), and Yelaxot (Windows).
  • Groupees Presents The Horror Bundle: Pay at least $1 to get Age of Fear: The Undead King (Windows, Mac), Litil Divil (Windows), Grimind (Windows, Mac, Linux), and iBomber Attack (Windows, Mac, Linux). Pay at least $3 to get Lucius (Windows) and Age of Fear 2: The Chaos Lord (Windows, Mac).
  • Groupees Shiny Loot 4 Bundle: Pay at least $1 to get Knytt Underground (Windows, Mac, Linux), The Perfidious Petrol Station (Windows), and Clones (Windows). Pay at least $3 to get Doorways: Chapter 1&2 (Windows, Mac, Linux), Jack Keane (Windows), and Obludia (Windows).
  • Humble Weekly Bundle: Triumph & Larian: Pay whatever you want to get Age of Wonders (Windows), Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic (Windows), Divine Divinity (Windows), and Beyond Divinity (Windows). Pay $6 or more to also get Age of Wonders II: The Wizard’s Throne (Windows) and Divinity II: The Developer’s Cut (Windows). Pay $15 or more to also get Divinity: Dragon Commander (Windows).
  • Indie Gala The Monday Bundle: Pay $1.98 or more to get Vanguard Princess (Windows), 99 Spirits (Windows), Human Tanks: War of the Human Tanks (Windows), Ether Vapor Remaster (Windows), Duplicity: Beyond the Lies (Windows, Mac, Linux), Heileen (Windows, Mac, Linux), Bionic Heart (Windows, Mac, Linux), and Eve Burst Error (Windows).
  • Indie Gala Tiny Mix Bundle: Pay at least $1 to get Sylia: Act 1 (Windows), Hexcells Plus (Windows, Mac, Linux), and Postal (Windows). Pay $4.39 or more for Poof (Windows), Angvik (Windows, Mac), Aveyond: Lord of Twilight (Windows), Ethan: Meteor Hunter (Windows), Gravi (Windows), Truck Racer (Windows), and Grimind (Windows, Mac, Linux).
  • Indie Royale The Mixer 4 Bundle: Pay the minimum or more to get Q.U.B.E. (Windows, Mac), One Finger Death Punch (Windows), Ku: Shround of the Morrigan (Windows, Mac, Linux), Sword of the Stars: The Pit (Windows), Ultionus: A Tale of Petty Revenge (Windows, Mac, Linux), Data Hacker: Corruption (Windows), Isomer (Windows), Litil Divil (Windows, Mac, Linux), and an unrevealed game.

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