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Indie Game: The Movie, coming to HBO

Over the weekend, Indie Game: The Movie premiered at the Sundance Film Festival and has since met critical acclaim. Critics aren’t the only people who were impressed. HBO and producer Scott Rudin quickly acquired the rights to turn Indie Game: The Movie into a half hour series on HBO. The most interesting part of this is the film will be developed into a fictional comedy series.

That’s right, a half hour comedy series. [Not true]

This was a bit baffling to me after I read that the film “Follows the dramatic journeys of indie game developers as they create games and release those works to the world.” The serious tone of the film was made even more evident as I watched the official trailers (see above). I doubt that filmmaking team Lisanne Pajot and James Swirsky could have seen this coming especially considering Indie Game: The Movie is their directorial debut. Either way congratulations to the both of them because this is awesome! One can only hope that the show becomes a sitcom starring all the indie devlopers.

Here are developers that are featured in the film:

  • Jonathon Blow – Braid
  • Phil Fish – Fez
  • Edmund McMillen/Tommy Refenez – Super Meat Boy

Mike Feyrer // Super PolyPixel

Looks like Indie Game the Movie is heading to TV right out of Sundance!  More attention given to indie game developers, more indie games!  It’s a win win!

Quick clarification: the series is NOT a comedy despite previous reports.  You can learn more at their facebook page:

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