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Indie gem Where Is My Heart? heads to Windows, Mac, Linux

Last year, a little indie title by the name of Where Is My Heart? landed on Sony’s PS Minis. The game, playable on the PlayStation 3 and PSP, delivered one of the best puzzle platforming experiences of 2011. Not only was it awarded an impressive 9.5/10 score by yours truly, but it was also picked as the indie game of the year on GameZone.

Now, Where Is My Heart? is on its way to different platforms, and that’s great news for individuals who don’t own PlayStation devices. Though details are currently scarce, developer Die Gute Fabrik confirmed that the game would land on Windows, Mac, and Linux this spring.

Hey, it’s spring now, isn’t it? Here’s hoping the fine folks who brought us this game will give us some more info sometime in the near future.

Where Is My Heart? featured wonderful pixel art and an amazing, atmospheric soundtrack. Seriously, I wouldn’t mind buying this indie game again just so I can play it on my computer with my face about two inches away from the screen (because that’s how you play games, people). Also, if there’s going to be added content (fingers crossed!), you bet it warrants a second buy!

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