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Indie Royale Debuts new game bundle site

Talent Behind, Leading Online Distributor Desura Team For Hand-Picked Game Deal Site

A new website launching today, Indie Royale (, bundles together four high-quality indie games every two weeks, and makes them collectively available for a heavily discounted price, while allowing buyers to support emerging indie creators.

Indie Royale offers patrons the benefit of a unique pricing scenario, with early adopters being guaranteed the best deal for the indie games available on the site. Prices start at $1.99 for four top PC Games (worth over $40 if purchased separately) and gradually increase as more bundles are bought, with overall costs still remaining competitive. There is also an option for those who would like to offer indie developers and distributors additional support: participants can opt to pay more than the current cost of the bundle, which earns them a spot on the front page of and a placement in a special section that calls out their name and preferred site URL.

This method also serves to bring the price down for everyone else who would purchase the game bundle by anywhere from several cents to multiple dollars. This pricing methodology will likely spawn unpredictable but entertaining results, and the creators of Indie Royale are looking forward to seeing the pricing trends that result.

The premiere Indie Royale bundle, called The Launch Bundle, includes as one of its lead titles Wadjet Eye Games’ Gemini Rue. A previous Independent Games Festival finalist, the Joshua Nuernberger-created title is a moody, classic 2D adventure game, with a futuristic sci-fi setting and hand-drawn backgrounds galore. Also included in this initial Launch Bundle is acclaimed FPS tower defense title Sanctum, which includes four-player co-op in its fast-paced action palette. The underappreciated ‘Metroidvania’-esque Dream Build Play winner A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda, and Noumenon Games’ acclaimed, ingenious puzzle/racing game Nimbus are including in the Indie Royale Launch Bundle, as well.

UBM TechWeb Game Network, parent company of, also organizes the Game Developers Conference series of events and runs the leading game industry trade site and the Independent Games Festival. In addition to running Desura as a standalone digital game store for Windows and Linux users, UBM TechWeb Game Network also manages Desura’s sister properties, including renowned community sites ModDB and IndieDB.

Indie Royale is designed to be content and platform agnostic, with PC direct downloads, Steam and Desura keys where supported and easy to use gifting and download redemption systems built into the site. With more than 15 independent games signed up for the program, which will include themed and non-PC specific game packs using the same four-game bundle structure, the organization is committed to highlighting new and emerging indies every two weeks.

Other independent developers interested in participating in the bundles should contact the team via the website’s contact form at The Indie Royale Launch Bundle is available for all game players worldwide now at

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Now you’re probably wonder what this has to do with Linux, right?
Well first off, Linux is mentioned in the article. And it is an open source bundle that’s being offered. Supporting Indie game developers, bring it on!!

Having checked some game play, they look good. The developers have put some time into game design as well as game play. But other than the mention of Desura (which runs on Linux), ALL of these games are for Windows.