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Indie skateboarding game OlliOlli gets Linux, Mac, and Windows PC release date

Indie skateboarding game OlliOlli release date

PC, Mac and Linux versions of addictive indie skateboarder OlliOlli are headed for release on 22nd July, #developer Roll7 has announced. You will be able to flip a copy out of Steam, Humble and GOG a week today priced £9.99.

OlliOlli was released as a PlayStation Vita exclusive earlier this year to critical fanfare, receiving a 7.7 from IGN. The skateboarding sidescroller features over 250 challenges across 50 levels, requiring great timing and precision from players. PlayStation 3 and 4 versions are also on the way.

“[It’s] a startling console debut from a young British indie that manages to bring together the purity and focus of seminal arcade games with the latest asynchronous multiplayer designs.”