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Indiecade – PAX chooses the 10 best indie games


The PAX 10 have been announced!

Each year PAX chooses the 10 best indie games to have playable at PAX Prime.  As it just so happens, half of the games this year are some our favorites of recent years, including some IndieCade winners:

Johann Sebastian Joust – A double award winner (2011).  Not only that, but Die Gute Fabrik, the team who made JS Joust, met at the very first IndieCade!

Puzzlejuice – by Asher Vollmer – Winner of the LG 3D award last year plus!  Not only that, but Asher Vollmer, who made the game, helped organize games of Ninja during last year’s festival!

Splice – Cipher Prime, the development studio, is a two-time IndieCade finalist!

The Bridge – The MC Esher-like game was an IndieCade finalist in 2011.

The Swapper – IndieCade jury award winner of 2011.

Take a look at some of the games above, along with their developers, because these guys are making today’s truly groundbreaking and interesting games.  If you didn’t get to play them at IndieCade, get to PAX Prime and get your hands on them!Better yet, play the upcoming games at this year’s IndieCade Festival to get a jump on the fun future of indie games!

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