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IndieGala is proud to announce the launch of a brand new tool that looks to support the amazing world of indie games.

Rome 8 March 2012 —- IndieGala is proud to announce the launch of a brand new tool that looks to support the amazing world of indie games.

After two successful IndieGala bundles – which have granted thousands of players from across the world access to affordable, high quality indie games while also supporting charities and indie developers – we feel that there’s no better time to launch the GalaFund.

GalaFund aims to be the ultimate solution for independent developers with brilliant ideas and empty pockets; a space in which promising teams of developers will be given the chance to bring their games to life.

By joining GalaFund, developers will be able to maintain their independence and pursue any mind-blowing project they choose without bending to the requirements of big publishers.

The introduction of GalaFund aims to boost the independent developer scene while giving new and young developers the chance to make the games they want to make, with absolutely no restriction on creativity.

To celebrate the launch of GalaFund, we’ve added a great new game to the already incredible IndieGala 2 bundle!

Postal: Classic and Uncut is a brutal strategy shooter that includes both the original Postal game and the Special Delivery expansion pack.

This masterpiece from the Running With Scissors team is playable directly on Windows, Mac or Linux systems, and is available now as a DRM-free download for everyone with the Big Saver Bundle!

Find out more about the GalaFund at

The IndieGala 2 Bundle is available for purchase now, and features the following selection of awesome indie games and music:

The CAREBEAR BUNDLE – The base bundle which starts from $1, includes:

Game: Fruit Blitz by Rubicon Development (ANDROID)

Game: Critical Mass by Manic Games Studios (STEAM -PC / MAC)

Game: Bunch of Heroes by NGD Studios (STEAM – PC /MAC)

Game: Fortix 2 by Nemesys games (STEAM – PC / MAC)

Game: Hacker Evolution by exosyphen studios (STEAM – PC)

Music: Jack Butler – Fit The Paradigm

Music: The Numbers – Beautiful EP

Music: Giraffage – Comfort

Upon beating the level 1 average (currently standing at around $4.48) gamers will upgrade to the BIG SAVER BUNDLE, which contains all the previous content, plus:

Game: Postal: Classic and Uncut by Running With Scissors (DOWNLOAD – PC / MAC / LINUX)

Game: Greed Corp by Vanguard Games (STEAM – PC)

Game: Roboblitz by Naked Sky Entertainment (STEAM – PC)

Music: Robot Science – Square

Music: Casey Lalonde – Thank You

Music: Casey Lalonde – Skitter

Music: Ulrich Schnauss – The Gala Selection

Upon beating the level 2 average (currently set at approximately $7.84), gamers will upgrade to the EPIC GALA BUNDLE, which contains all the content of the previous two bundles, in addition to:

Game: inMomentum by Digital Arrow (STEAM – PC)

Game: Hacker Evolution: Duality by exosyphen studios. (STEAM – PC / MAC)

Game: Hacker Evolution: Untold by exosyphen studios. (STEAM – PC / MAC)

Game: Your Doodles Are Bugged! by Spyn Doctor Games (STEAM – PC)

Game: Zombie Shooter 1 by Sigma Team (STEAM – PC)

Game: Zombie Shooter 2 by Sigma Team (STEAM – PC)

Music: Robot Science – Doodads: Robot Science

All albums are available in mp3 and FLAC file formats, and all games (except Postal) require a Steam account for activation

All previously stated information can be released as soon as you would like.

Please also mention the previous bonus addition of Fruit Blitz for Android and any and all other aspects of the bundles.



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