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Indiego Video Game Console announces launch of transformation software

Indiegogo push will fund software to transform any Amiga, Mac, PC and Raspberry into a video game console

Giving in to the weight of the public is not always a bad thing, as a group of #retro-amigans and dreamers in the #gaming industry recently discovered. When people began to request software that would transform computer devices into full fledged video game consoles, the innovators got to work creating Indiego Video Gaming Console.

This software brings a customer user interface that is the best in gaming brilliance and enables it to be delivered into one’s living room and on big screens.

The INDIEGO! is about retro, indie and next generation gaming. It eliminates the need to rebuy old retro games all the time and provides a way to play fresh originals.

Indiego’s OS runs from SD-card or USB-stick. Users can use their favorite input, by electing the joypad or the mouse. Transform any computer device into a fully fledged video game console with ease and home style comfort.

This software offers a mixture of operating systems so users get the best of both sides. It provides compatibility of Linux and the speed of AROS without the operating cost resulting from a normally distended Linux environment. One bonus feature is its compatibility to old consoles and Amiga Computers due to their use of AROS; which is an open source reimplementation of Amiga OS 3.1.

Because of their foresight, the developing team already improved the compatibility to run ECS/OCS/AGA and CD32 based games. AEROS is a hybrid and can run anything a developer might desire.

It will be a multiuser system. Because of this, families can share one unit and give each individual in the home their own account. Additionally, parents can oversee their childrens’ access through parental controls. Enjoyable from the sofa, the game room or other rooms in the house, this software will put power and fun in gamers’ hands. Purchases are tied to the gamer’s user profile so that when they log into another machine they still have access to their paid software.

There are already some educational games available on their App store; which showcases the developers’ prior skills and dedication to providing high demand games and other software.

The success of this campaign will serve to prove to potential resellers that intense public interest in this product exists.


In support of its Crowdfunding campaign, committed to:

  • Do additional server programming
  • Buyadditional Hardware to port, test and fix INDIEGO!-OS.
  • Ensure that INDIEGO!-OS will work on as many devices as possible
  • Pay Web-designers
  • Obtain licensing media codes for media playback
  • Make the device available as a free digital download

Games Galore, Photos, Music, Videos

From day one, the Indiego! will enter the online market teeming with games and demos that users can start playing on a whole catalog of gaming devices. In addition, storing, collecting and taking games to other locations is simple. No hardware installation is involved. Gamers need only plug the Indiego! stick into their PC and game away. The Indiego supports a number of media center applications; which means that music, videos and photos are available on demand.

About indie Coins

indieCoins are bonus system offering holders of this niche eco-system exchange feature to do any of the following:

  • get them as cash back from partners
  • get them from partners in exchange for real money
  • get them as donation (requires additional membership in a club)
  • earn them with voluntary jobs

The Indiegogo campaign’s initial goal of €800 ($1100 USD)  is currently active and runs through July 8, 2014 at 11:59 Pacific Time. Full details about the Indiegogo campaign including sponsorship and involvement levels can there. Other platform information can be found at Amiga World.

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