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Indiegogo – Oton X Game Console Runs Linux and Android Games

Do you think that there are more than enough game consoles in the market as of right now? If you think that the Xbox One, PS4 and Nintendo Wii U are more than a wholesome threesome, perhaps it is time to take a look at the “second tier” of game consoles, where the Ouya would definitely fall under the same category, and in this case, EnGeniux’s Oton X game console that is right now an Indiegogo project, requiring three quarter of a million dollars to have the game console become reality. Basically, the Oton X intends to be the “first smart autonomous game console”, which translates to the ability to self-create games instantly within minutes without the need for any human input.

EnGeniux is proud to introduce our new next generation game console – OTON X. The OTON X will be the first smart autonomous game console. What does this mean? OTON X will be able to self-create games instantly within minutes without human input. No drag or drop requirements. Do you want to play a new 2D or 3D action game instantly? OTON X has you covered! How about a new racing game? Or a new 3D alien shooter game? No problem, OTON X can do it!  The best thing about OTON X is that all OTON X games are 100% free. Imagine a world where every single day you could play a new exclusive EnGeniux OTON X game free of charge.

Just what kind of genius is involved, where it does not require any kind of drag or drop requirements?

Mod the OTON X games you play from our network or resell games with your own custom user content levels, characters and power-ups. Developing games for OTON X does not require any special programming skills. Create new worlds, new challenges and new characters then share the entire experience with your friends on OTON X. Need more games? Don’t worry. The OTON X console will support Linux, Android and 3rd party games. The EnGeniux team will also produce new first party games with OTON X game update modules.


*Specifications can change before release.

  • OTON Operating System: (Ubuntu Linux)
  • Quad-core (4 + 1 power-saving core) Four CPU cores are built in the ARM Cortex-A9 micro-architecture, and are clocked at 1.2 GHz
  • 1-HDMI 1.4a display output supporting digital resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 pixels
  • 3-USB 2.0 (Two Standard A, one micro-USB)
  • 1-Ethernet port
  • Stereo analog and multi-channel digital (SPDIF)(3 port channel)


  • No optical disc drive


  • OTON Cloud Storage (2 GB storage free)
  • USB storage device
  • 16 GB Flash Storage


  • 2-SD card slots (Front)


  • 205 mm or 8.07 inches (8in x 8in) (L x W)
  • 53 mm or 2.08 inches high


  • Wifi 802.11a/b/g/n
  • 2.4 GHz wireless


  • Sync with certified OTON tablet, mobile, PC and console devices


  • System can be position vertically or horizontal
  • Rear Projection Camera and 2 built-in front microphones /camera for voice and motion gameplay. (Not in all models)

*Specifications can change without notice.
* Default colors for consoles are matte Black and Two tone gray.

EnGeniux’s Oton X game console on Indiegogo

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