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Indivisible side-scrolling RPG extended with a prototype available for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


The Indigogo campaign for Lab Zero’s side-scrolling RPGIndivisible, having now received a 20-day extension as it creeps closer to the funding goal.

The campaign has now raised $978,302 at the time or writing, out of that $1.5M funding goal. Developer Lab Zero have previously outlined that $1.5M is not the game’s entire budget and another $2M will be supplied by 505 Games should the campaign reach its goal

This is a fixed funding campaign, which means Indivisible will only happen if we reach our goal. 505 Games has generously agreed to contribute a further $2 million toward its development only if we reach that goal. So for us here at Lab Zero, your contribution counts for more than double!

The same prototype is also available for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Lab Zero’s Earl Gertwagen has also confirmed there will not be any further extensions.

Players can still get in and pledge the Indiegogo campaign for Indivisible. And make sure to try out the demo.


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