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Indoorlands indoor park simulator in Early Access

indoorlands indoor park simulator games in early access and releases on linux mac windows pc

Indoorlands indoor park simulator games available in Early Access on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of developer Pixelsplit. But you can also pick up a night release discount on Steam Early Access and Humble Store.

Old school inspired park management simulator, Indoorlands releases. What’s impressive, this Early Access release on Steam also offers Linux support, with Mac and Windows PC. Normally such games will only debut on Windows PC while we wait for a native build. Yet the developers are providing three platforms.
Pixelsplit is certainly on point with development. This also depends directly on your feedback and ideas from players. And due to remain in development for a period of 6-12 months. Therefore Early Access adopters will be the first to take part in the upgrades and changes. Likewise, as for the full launch, “it’s done when it’s done”.

Indoorlands is a down to earth management and construction simulation. The game features indoor settings, letting you design with greater creative freedom. So you can launch rides that can be operated with realistic controls.

Indoorlands – Early Access Trailer

“We have always placed great value on feedback from the community,” said Pixelsplit Community Manager Leon Jeutter. “With
Indoorlands we want to go one step further. Develop the game in cooperation with the community. The early access approach is perfect for this.”

Features include:

  • Build your own indoor park from scratch
  • Handle being a park manager, attraction designer, and ride operator
  • Since you can get feedback on your guests, using a stat based visitor need system
  • Research and unlock new buildings, objects & rides
  • Control your rides & record your own ride programs
  • Freely combine 500 decor objects, due to creating various themes
  • Share your hall designs with others using the blueprint system
  • Optimize your park with an allure & dirt heatmap

The current version of Indoorlands should certainly run stable. Offering up a lot of content:

  • 8 rides
  • 15 Hall types
  • 500 decor objects from 6 theming options
  • 8 Wall paintings
  • 15 stores and restaurants
  • An economic and satisfaction system
  • 3 different transport systems with a total of 20 expansion stages

Indoorlands indoor park simulator is available on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. The regular price is $13.99 USD, along with a 25% discount on

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