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Indoorlands officially launches after 3 years

indoorlands park management simulator game officially launches on linux mac windows pc after 3 years

Indoorlands park management simulator game officially launches on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the dedication and commitment of developer Pixelsplit Simulations. Available now on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store.

Indoorlands now launches after 3 years of development. The unique theme park management game has been well received. While offering huge parks, visual upgrades, a sandbox mode, and Steam workshop integration. Plus, there is also a ride editor. The developer would also like to thank all Early Access players, beta testers, friends and family members. Offering up support during the development period.

Indoorlands is a park management game in a unique indoor setting. While being multi-layered and comprehensive. Due to offering the player a good balance of relaxation and a true test. Since it is up to you to build a huge indoor amusement park from scratch. Then manage the tasks of the park manager, the interior, rides, and coaster designer. As well as the ride operator. There is also a sandbox mode that offers the players the chance to create a huge, diverse, and customizable amusement park. Including custom rides and rollercoasters.

Indoorlands Release Trailer

To all the previous players who taught themselves the game without a tutorial: We are proud of you 🙂 But if you are interested, feel free to try the new tutorial. We would highly recommend it to everyone! To do that, you just have to go to the settings in the main menu and reset the tutorial progress.

  • New decorations
    Now adding a whole new theming package to the game: medieval.
  • New coaster content
    Adding Indoorlands coasters in the last major update. Now we made some more small upgrades, but there is also new content for you. For one, there is a new coaster type: inverted coaster. Plus the addition of 3 more coaster halls. Due to see what kind of coaster creations players will load into STEAM Workshop.
  • Achievements & community items
    A bigger item on our roadmap was still the missing achievements. You can now unlock over 30 of them.
  • Lots of STEAM community items and trading cards.

Indoorlands park management simulator game launches on Steam, GOG, and Humble Store. All priced at $15.19 USD / £12.47 / 14,39€, including a 20% discount. Including support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.