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Indoorlands park management launch date

indoorlands park management game now has a launch date for linux mac windows pc

Indoorlands park management game now has a launch date for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to over a year of creativity from developer Pixelsplit. Which is available on both Steam Early Access and Humble Store. Including 94% Very Positive reviews.

More than a year ago, German indie team Pixelsplit released their unique theme park management game. Indoorlands is still in Early Access along with a detailed roadmap of coming updates. Now, all promised updates have been delivered. Indoorlands has received, among other things, huge parks, and visual upgrades. There is also a sandbox mode, Steam workshop integration, and a ride editor. That, and of course roller coasters. The game is due to launch on October 14, 2022. Keeping support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

Leon Jeutter, Community Manager of Pixelsplit Simulations, says: “What a ride this has been. Our great community supported us all the way through Early Access. Now the game is ready we are excited to present Indoorlands to players worldwide. All in the form it was meant to be played, a deep, engaging theme park management simulation. With lots of ways for players to experience it according to their playing style.”

Indoorlands – Official Launch Date Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Indoorlands is a park management game in a unique indoor setting. Multi-layered and broad, with the aim of offering the player a good balance of relaxation and challenge. Players are have to build a huge indoor amusement park from scratch. While they manage the tasks of the park manager, the interior, ride, and coaster designer. As well as the ride operator. There is also a sandbox mode that offers the players the chance to create a huge, diverse amusement park. While offering custom rides and roller coasters.

The fact that Steam Workshop is build-in opens the game to player content. Indoorlands fans have already added hundreds of rides, decorations, and other assets. Much more of this is coming after launch.

The latest Indoorlands update expanded the scope greatly. Adding roller coasters, trends, events, and contracts. Plus: Three different park setings and new entertainment halls. Along with decoration parts for roller coaster tracks. There are also community challenge blueprints, and much more.

Gameplay Features:

  • As a manager, you have to build and expand your park. Analyze and satisfy your guests’ needs. Research attractions and buildings and keep the economy running.
  • Place research centers to generate research points. Unlock more attractions, restaurants, shops, halls, and rides. Research points can also be spent on general park upgrades.
  • Thrill rides take center stage: As a ride operator, you realistically control your rides. Record unique ride programs that put a smile on your guests‘ faces.
  • The ‘Create Your Ride’ tool even offers the ability to construct your own, completely unique rides. Then share them via STEAM workshop for Indoorlands.
  • Roller coasters attract visitors. You can construct your own tracks and use different types of gondolas and stations. Of course, blueprints and the Steam workshop can also be used here.
  • Different visitor types have different demands and desires. Focus should be paid to this as new types of visitors arrive at the park. Over time you should build certain structures accordingly.
  • There is no limit to your creativity: Over 1000 decoration objects from various themes to choose from in Indoorlands. All themes and objects are freely combinable. So each hall is unique due to those design choices.

Buildings, Blueprints and more:

  • Blueprint System: Show your creativity & share your hall interior designs. As well as ride and coaster creations with other players via STEAM Workshop built-in. Planning the park setup is a challenging task.
  • Space is expensive and maintenance buildings like toilets should be built apart from the flow of visitors. Different tools like the feedback report, heatmaps, and individual visitor details. Since these provide all of the information you will need.
  • React to special events and temporary trends. While you choose and fulfill contracts to receive rewards.

Indoorlands park management game’s launch date is October 14, 2022. Currently available on Steam Early Access and Humble Store. Which is due to arrive on GOG as well. Also priced at $18.99 USD / £15.59 / 17,99€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.