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Infernal Radiation hardcore action releasing soon

infernal radiation hardcore action game releasing soon on linux mac windows pc

Infernal Radiation hardcore action game is due to releasing soon on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Asmodev. Due to make a Steam release soon.

Infernal Radiation will be released soon. Doing so in the second quarter of this year. While the free demo is now available on Steam. Since development is using Unity 3D. Which also happens to be very playable using Proton. A hardcore arcade game as an exorcist battling possessed locals and demons.

As the developers outline that players can expect a higher difficulty. While includes dynamic gameplay and battles with crazy demonic bosses. The Steam page does not list Linux. However, there is previous support confirmation. And SteamDB has not been updated yet for Linux.

infernal radiation hardcore action linux support confirmation

Infernal Radiation is formerly known as Priest/Faither, developed by Asmodev. A Polish studio are also working on Priest Simulator. Due to release on Windows PC. While Linux support set as a “will try”. But check out the game trailer below.

Infernal Radiation – Trailer

The player will step into the shoes of an exorcist. Who finds himself on Halloween Island. Doing so after the explosion at a power plant producing energy from hellfire. And as a result of this crazy accident. The hellish radiation corrupts local people. And as a result, leading to numerous demonic possessions around the island.

Infernal Radiation is a unique game. Since it takes place in a world combining gothic and dark fantasy elements. Which is full of horrors and dark humour.

The final version of Infernal Radiation will offer further content. Such as battles against 20 demons and their unique abilities. Each having different attack style. Plus a huge range of player progress options. Since you will have to explore the island and its history. Using the services of people saved from demonic forces. Even more so, gameplay will feature a local co-op mode. Which is what I’m looking forward too.

Main features:

  • exorcisms, possession and demons;
  • easy to play, hard to master;
  • 20 demonic bosses;
  • stylised Infernal Radiation audio and visuals;
  • 9 special abilities;
  • local co-op mode;
  • set in the Asmodev universe.

Infernal Radiation hardcore action will be released in Q2 2020. Due to arrive on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. More details coming soon.

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