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Infini psychedelic puzzle adventure release date

infini psychedelic puzzle adventure games release date linux windows pc

Infini the psychedelic puzzle adventure games release date is available for Windows PC, then Linux? According to developer Barnaque and publisher Arriving on Steam with a live demo on (Windows PC).

Infini will launch on Windows PC on March 4, 2020. You can experience this IGF finalist. With a free demo of Infini on (Windows PC). But there is a Linux build coming.

The Linux release

We’re still planning to release Infini on Linux. But unfortunately, it won’t be at launch (March 4). But we’re still very committed to releasing on Linux. So we’ll do that shortly following the launch.

Since developer Barnaque will not offer a day one Infini release. They did offer a worst-case scenario, “might be a few months”. So if you’re eyeing up the psychedelic puzzle adventure game. It’s coming, with an unknown release date. But it’s also a pleasure to see the dev’s, “committed to releasing on Linux.”

In Infini players will encounter a variety of puzzles. Also a range of characters and abilities. Which Hope, main character, will meet and learn on his odd adventure. Including a unique camera manipulation mechanic. Combining his range of abilities to avoid obstacles and control the environment. Bending your mind to escape Infinity. While returning Hope to the real world.

Infini – Release Date Trailer

The world of Infini is brimming with ambient music. Also a range psychedelic imagery. Not to mention an outlandish story that embodies the concepts of our daily lives. Hope’s adventure is experimental through its gameplay. Including both the visuals and audio design. While creating a fragile balance between obscurity and familiarity. While in Infinity, Hope will face more than 100 mind-bending challenges. Likewise, venture through 10 worlds. All full of bizarre personalities and chances to explore the multiverse.


  • Solve puzzles and meet unforgettable allies. Make your escape from Infini and the beautifully odd alternate dimension
  • Discover new abilities that can be used together. So you can reach new areas
  • Master the innovative camera control mechanic. While you can unlock 100+ levels through 10 diverse worlds
  • Traverse the Infini realm layered with myth. As well as a further symbolism and complex characters
  • Standout visuals and an ambient soundtrack with 20+ original songs
  • Mind-bending gameplay that sways between meditative and chaotic

“We’re thrilled to invite everyone to get a special look at the strange void of Infinity and the creative minds of Barnaque. Glimpse of Infini leads players through 25 challenges across 4 worlds and is just a fraction of the content that will be available in our full launch next month.” – David Martin, Co-founder of Barnaque

Infini psychedelic puzzle adventure game will be available for $11.99 USD. With a release date of March 4, 2020 for Windows PC. The developer is still committed to Linux. Due to release on Steam and

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