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Infinite Adventures developer working on a port

infinite adventures developer working on a linux port

Infinite Adventures developer is working on that Linux port. We reached out to Indie game studio, Stormseeker Games. Who are also eager to announce the dungeon crawling RPG. Also scheduled to release October 30th, 2018 on Steam.

Developer feedback for the Linux Port:

“The game was built in the Unity Engine. Being a small indie team we haven’t committed to a date for our linux port yet, but we are currently testing our linux port of the game. Being built in Unity is usually good news when porting but I want to make sure all is good first before making any announcements.

Don’t wanna commit to dates till testing is over but feel free to share that.”

Since it seems that most new game development is using Unity 3D. A Linux port may or may not be coming in time for a day-one release.
Stormseeker Games are working on the build, but working to ensure that stability. With the release over two weeks away, here’s hoping we have a release in time.

Infinite Adventures Trailer (Windows, soon Linux)

Infinite Adventures is a turn-based, dungeon crawling RPG inspired by classic dungeon CRPG’s. Gameplay also comes with fresh new mechanics for exploration, combat and progression.

While players take on the roll of the Traveller, a hero with a forgotten memory. You will assemble your party and explore the Infinite Labyrinth to discover the truths of your past.

Infinite Adventures consists of 6 chapters, 24 levels and 20-40 hours of gameplay. So if that isn’t enough, challenge yourself further. Conquer one of the 10 optional post game super bosses.

Gameplay also features 4 difficulty levels; Normal, Hard, Old School or Story Mode.

Infinite Adventures will be available for digital download on Steam, priced at $24.99 USD. Releasing October 30th, 2018 for Windows. But hopefully the developer issues that day-one Linux port.

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