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Infinite Adventures dungeon crawling turn-based RPG now on Kickstarter for Linux, Mac and PC


#StormseekerGames have launched a Kickstarter campaign alongside a 2-hour demo after more than a year of development. Styled as a #dungeoncrawling #JRPG, Infinite Adventures lets players navigate 6-character exploration parties through the mythic serpentine hallways of Trinity’s Infinite Labyrinth.

The game world features 10 classes, 5 races and over 40 lore-filled noble houses available for character creation. Combat is turn-based, curating battles that require careful use of unique and diverse character skills to surmount the hundreds of monsters infesting the maze passageways. Unsheathe your sword. Wipe the blood from your shield.
You are the Traveler, and your story unfolds in the skull-strewn hallways of the Infinite Labyrinth. Discover what Infinite Adventures lie in the depths.

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Infinite Adventures features:

  • Endless Dungeon Crawling through both scripted and procedurally generated levels.
  • 190+ Full Body Character Art Pieces available for character creation.
  • Highborn or Lowborn dynamic which determines character traits.
  • Strategic turn based combat against hundreds of enemies.
  • Skills which level up through class, race and origin based abilities.
  • Equipment Upgrades that unlock new traits and exploration capabilities.
  • Design your own Dungeon through a level editor and share them with friends.
  • A Sweeping Story narrative layered throughout 30 dungeon levels.

Infinite Adventures is projected for a full release in October of 2016 for Linux, Mac, and Window PC. Stormseeker Games, up to date, has been funded solely by Travon Santerre—the game’s programmer and creator who has manifested inspiration from his childhood D&D campaigns to bring the world ofInfinite Adventures to life.  Travon is an ex-Riot Games employee who worked on League of Legends from 2011-2013.  He has streamed the game’s development in Unity on for over a year and will continue to stream through the full launch of the game.


Funds raised through Kickstarter, will allow Stormseeker Games to continue to add art, music, and writing through pre-established content pipelines. You can play the 2-floor dungeon demo in your browser or download a standalone version to see where the game is now and where it is headed.

A Windows PC demo and a Mac demo are currently available, plus the Infinite Adventures is looking for support on Steam Greenlight.

For more details, check out the official website, follow on Twitter and Facebook.