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Infinite Desolation survival RPG coming to Linux

infinite desolation survival RPG release coming to linux in gaming news

The new and upcoming Infinite Desolation is gaming news. Hence this fusion of intense #topdown action and survival RPG. All set to #release on Linux, Mac and Windows PC with coming as well. Where #gameplay is set on a harsh planet, testing your physical and mental attributes.

Linux release:

“Yes, we’re hoping to create a Linux version, but I can’t put a release date on it right now.”

So this is not a lot to go on, but Infinite Desolation has been Greenlit on Steam. Yet there is no news about the official product page for the game yet. However there is a playable Linux and Windows build available, using Wine on Linux.

So the whole point of gaming is to stay alive. Since players will have to battle hordes of tenacious creatures and robotic enemies. While also taking on the environment.
And since players will build an impressive arsenal of weapons and special abilities. Levelling up will allow the player to explore the environments.

While Infinite Desolation is much more than a simple action game. There is a deeper character progression, exploration and looting, crafting and day-night cycles. Where players face environmental hazards, classic survival mechanics and world-jumping portals. Oh, and everything here will try to kill you.

Infinite Desolation Features:

  • Character Creation – Choose from one of 5 classes: Grunt, Psion, Scout, Engineer or Marine. Define your custom character using S.P.A.C.E: Strength, Psi, Agility, Cunning and Endurance.
  • Survive – Explore the dangerous environments to find Oxygen, Water, Nano-Med health packs.
  • Scavenge – Find Materials for crafting in old wreckage.
  • Craft – Create items such as Water Extractors, Oxygen Extractors, and even a Drone to fight by your side.
  • Day/Night – Rest in dwellings to restore health and skip to the next day. Or just explore at night when the temperature is cooler to keep your hydration level higher for longer.
  • Psi Abilities – Unlock and upgrade powerful abilities such as Heal, Blink, Speed and Repulse.
    Higher level abilities can dish out massive damage. For example, leave a fire trail when you activate Speed Level 2, or blast all the enemies around you to pieces when using Repulse Level 2.

Further capabilities:

  • Weapons – Collect unique weapons, ranging from the versatile M7 Fury plasma rifle to the truly devastating R-G Launcher, a combined rocket/grenade launcher.
  • Interact – Find Power Cores to power up and interact with all sorts of devices: extend bridges, power up outposts, activate teleporters, and more.
  • Intense Battles – At its heart, this is top-down horde rush shooter. You will engage in very intense battles. Blow up enemies by setting of explosive barrels. Activate defence turrets to help you thin the crowd. Plough into enemies using your upgraded Psi Abilities. Or just send large flurries of rockets into the horde. You have many ways to beat down you foe.
  • Doomed Mode – Battle to reach the top of the online score board in this intense mode. Where players take the challenge with a standard character and upgraded abilities. Destroy enemies in large numbers to push up your score multiplier. Keep moving to find oxygen, weapons, health and ammo. These high intensity rounds last about 5 minutes. But it will test your skills to the limit.

Infinite Desolation is not available on Steam yet. However, those keen to get a jump start in gaming can get the Linux and Windows release. So stay tuned for more news.

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