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Infinity Knights: Xross drops a world of choice

infinity knights: xross co-op action adventure rpg game aims at linux and steam deck with windows pc

Infinity Knights: Xross co-op action adventure RPG game aims at Linux and Steam Deck with Windows PC. Thanks to the awesome team at Timesea Studio for their amazing creativity. Due to make its way onto Steam in 2025.

Timesea Studio is bringing something special to the table with their new game, Infinity Knights: Xross. This 3-player couch co-op action adventure RPG lets you dive into a world where a king and his Infinity Knights play with the rules of life and death.

Inspired by the classic ’90s Japanese RPGs, it features gorgeous pixel art. Doing so along with fresh mechanics, an exciting story, and a soundtrack by Hiroki Kikuta. Who is known for work on Secret of Mana and Indivisible. Now we also have further details about native support.

Infinity Knights: Xross Platform Support:

Building this for Linux support is something that I want and will work towards achieving.

Timesea Studio is certainly thinking about the Linux gaming community and hopes to include them. Since Steam Deck uses a version of the OS, the The developer doesn’t expect too many issues. Their engine has native support, and while they mainly test on Windows, testing a port is pretty easy too. Plus, thanks to their design choices, it won’t be hard to make adjustments. All due to a team of three brothers who are making this 3-player co-op action adventure RPG. Which is a big part of both the gameplay and its creation.

Infinity Knights: Xross stands out with its clever system called The Armaments. These are weapons that can revive enemies. As Xross, the newest Infinity Knight, you’ll need to master these weapons. Due to explore both static and randomly generated dungeons, and uncover a deep, engaging story.


  • 3-Player Couch Co-Op: Team up with friends for action packed gameplay that pays homage to SNES classics like Final Fantasy XI, Dark Cloud, and the Mana Series.
  • Dynamic Combat: Dive into the Infinity Knights: Xross combat system that blends hack and slash with puzzle solving. Due to adapt to different play styles.
  • Strategic Play: Use elements and weapons mid combo to defeat unique bosses.
  • Revival Mechanic: Shape death with The Armaments, leading to unique stories and quests that expand the game’s lore.
  • Exploration: Choose from many characters and explore static biomes along with randomly generated dungeons.
  • Kingdom Building: Enhance your kingdom to unlock new quests, abilities, and items. Enjoy activities like mining, fishing, farming, crafting, and smithing.
  • Inclusive Difficulty: Designed for everyone, with a focus on making the game accessible and deeper for all players.

So get ready to take on a new twist on classic JRPGs with Infinity Knights: Xross. The title is set due to launch on Steam in late 2025. Promising to combine classic with modern gameplay elements. So be sure to Wishlist it on Steam. There is already focus on Linux and Steam Deck support with Windows PC.

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