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Inkbound the tactical action aims at Proton

inkbound the turn-based tactical action roguelike game game is aiming at proton for linux and steam deck with windows pc

Inkbound the turn-based tactical action roguelike game game is aiming at Proton for Linux and Steam Deck with Windows PC. Thanks to the team at Shiny Shoe for their ongoing efforts. Currently available on Steam Early Access but due to launch soon.

Shiny Shoe, the indie crew that brought Monster Train to life, is about to make some changes in Inkbound. This tactical co-op adventure is leveling up big time in April. We’re talking the full package, the 1.0 update, and it’s also a giant leap forward. But for native support, not really.

…we don’t have plans to make a native Linux build. However, the game plays well via Proton.

Just heard back from the folks at Shiny Shoe! They’ve been crafting Inkbound with Unity 3D, and as they wrap up the Early Access phase, there’s a bit of a twist. Instead of rolling out a native build as I was hoping, with its 89% Very Positive reviews, they’re putting their energy into Proton support for Linux and Steam Deck.

What to expect in the launch? Get ready for a brand-new story. Due to dive deep into an epic quest, facing off against a massive threat that could end it all. Whether you’re new to Inkbound or you’ve been hanging around since day one, this is something you might just enjoy.

Now, let’s talks about what’s been news since the Early Access release. Mark Cooke, the founder and CEO of Shiny Shoe, is eager to show off the upgrades. We’re talking new character classes, fresh worlds to explore, and also loads of tweaks that make everything smoother.

Inkbound – Early Access Gameplay Trailer

The 1.0 version isn’t just about new content. It’s a total revamp. There’s an epic new questline, “Rise of the Unbound”, due to be packed with challenges and items to unlock. And the final showdown? Get ready for a battle that’ll have you on the edge of your seat.

For those who like gaming on their couch, great news – full controller support is in v1.0. And for the on-the-go crowd, especially Steam Deck users, you can play both online and offline. Perfect for those times away from home.

But wait, there’s more! Shiny Shoe isn’t just thinking about us English speakers. They’re bringing Inkbound to the world with full localization in Chinese, Japanese, German, and French. That means more friends to join in on the fun!

The storytelling? Next level. New cut scenes, a revamped story, and fast-paced progression that’ll keep you hooked. They’ve even added full English voice over to make the experience more immersive.

And, of course, the Inkbound team’s been busy under the hood. They’ve polished up the text, made quality of life upgrades, and balanced things out based on player feedback. It’s all about keeping the challenge fresh and fun for everyone.

Since its Early Access launch in May 2023, the team at Shiny Shoe has been all ears, tweaking and enhancing based on what players say. Remember the massive Starship of Terrors update? Yeah, they’re that dedicated. Check out the full launch details.

So, get ready to dive into a turn-based tactical action roguelike world that’s bigger, bolder, and more exciting. Inkbound 1.0 is more than just an update – it’s a whole new experience. Available on Steam Early Access, launching on April 10th, 2024. Playable on Linux via Proton with Windows PC. Also priced at $29.99 USD / £24.99 / 28,99€.

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