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Inkulinati is a new ink-based strategy

inkulinati is a new ink-based strategy game coming to linux mac windows pc

Inkulinati is a new ink-based strategy game coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Due to the ingenious work and effort of developer Yaza Games. Working to make its way onto Steam and GOG.

Developer Yaza Games announced their one of a kind, ink-based strategy game Inkulinati. Due to makes its way onto Steam Early Access and GOG games in developer in Winter 2022. Due to come with its share of mythical creatures, humanoid beasts, and eccentric drawings. Since the Middle Ages were full of fantasy, the same with Inkulinati.

Including support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. As you can see in the games FAQ. But not all Linux distro’s will be supported.

…Steam (PC, Mac, Linux), GOG (PC, Mac, Linux), Nintendo Switch. Please note that not every Linux distributions will be supported – we’ll be announcing more info on this soon.

Assume the role of a mighty Inkulinati who wields the power of Living Ink. Who’s magic brings drawings to life on each page of the game’s 2D book battlefields. Since the inked creatures follow their masters’ commands. While fighting against beasts under the control of rival Inkulinati in shared split screen PvP.
To gain an edge over their enemies, players can collect new Living Ink. So they can tinker with their bestiary to find strategic methods for their next duel. Players can unlock new servants throughout the game. All while adding peculiar abilities to the Inkulinati’s arsenal. Such as human-eating snails or lodging trumpets in bottoms. Just have a look at the freshly inked trailer with the game’s stylish version of medieval manuscripts.

Inkulinati – Coming to Steam

Players must move their teams with foresight and cunning to beat their opponents. Among them some medieval superstars, such as Death and Dante Alighieri. As Inkulinati, you have the power to personally delve in battles. But so do your opponents. All thanks to special abilities, they can squash hostile troops with their bare fists. As they draw up obstacles or move their own fighters across the map at the snap of a finger. Thus one action can turn the tide of the whole battle.

Players can ready their troops to delve into the game’s demanding single-player campaign. With the goal of rescuing their master, or testing other Inkulinati. Either locally in a revival of the old-school hot-seat-mode. The game features intricate maps that influence duels. While allowing for different gameplay styles (e. g. aggressive vs calculating). Plus an impressive and unique art style. With a special kind of dark humor.

Inkulinati ink-based strategy game is coming to Early Access this winter. Due to arrive on both Mac and Windows PC, with Linux in tow. So be sure Wishlist the game on Steam and GOG.

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