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Inkulinati strategy gets a release date

etinkulinati ink-based strategy game has a release date for linux mac windows pc

Inkulinati ink-based strategy game has a release date for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the creativity from developer Yaza Games. Due to make its way onto Steam and GOG.

Developer Yaza Games just revealed that their oddly charming ink-based strategy game Inkulinati is due release into early access on January 31, 2023. For those who cannot wait to wield the mighty quill, demos are available for Steam until January 1, 2023 via Proton. Due to arrive with native support for Linux soon, with a demo on GOG. According to a recent email from Daedalic.

Inkulinati are a legendary group who battle one another. Doing so on the pages of medieval manuscripts. They fight by drawing beasts with the Living Ink. Thanks to this magical substance, those creatures come to life and an epic battle ensues. Donkeys playing trumpets with their bottoms. Bishop cats defeat heretics with prayers. Heavy but deadly snails that eat units alive, and more. Much, much more.

Inkulinati | Release Date Trailer

But do not doubt the sneaky habits of rabbit bottoms and braying mules. Inkulinati is neither for simple minded nor silly half wits. These comical drawings belie the tactical depth of Inkulinati’s turn-based combat. Players assume the role of master Inkulinati, commanding living drawing on 2D manuscript battlefields. Each stylishly inked creature plays a strategic combat role. All while legendary medieval characters such as Dante and Hildegard can turn the tide of battle.

Inkulinati includes both solo and local multiplayer gameplay. Players can ready their troops to delve into the game’s intense single-player campaign. They can also test other Inkulinati locally in the old-school hot seat mode. The game features intricate maps that influence duels. All while allowing for different gameplay styles.

Inkulinati ink-based strategy game will be available on Mac, and Windows PC. Doing so via Steam Early Access and GOG. Along with support for Linux, which is due to arrive some time in Early Access.

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