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Inmortis a disturbing action RPG on Kickstarter

inmortis a disturbing action rpg on kickstarter in linux mac windows pc games

Inmortis is a top down and disturbing action RPG in Kickstarter games that is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of Pecking Crow Studio. Which is now on Kickstarter and the crowdfunding campaign has a pledge goal of €20,958.

Inmortis is a pixel art game coming to Steam. But also a dark and disturbing action RPG. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
Gameplay takes place in a twisted world. While taking inspiration from Warhammer and the Chtulhu’s Mythos. Since you will have to choose your way. And find out what happened to the world around you.

So depending on your choices. You will have to face consequences. Since your body is alive thanks to the Gods influence. And the more you banish their servants. The more death and decay will spread around you in Inmortis. While at the same time you will absorb their power. Since this will give you an improved vitality. But at the cost of your sanity.

Inmortis is not really a hack and slash. So you will not have countless enemy hordes rushing at you. The gameplay is rather slow. But also very dynamic and breath taking during tough fights. Which reminds of Divinity Original Sin mixed with Jotun.
Pecking Crow Studio is designing the game to be mix. Both brutal and unforgiving combat. And also a deep narrative core. So that player action will really have an impact on the story. Check out the Demo for Windows and Mac. On Linux, launch the game using “wine Inmortis.exe”.

Inmortis Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)


  • A challenge – This game is easy to pick up and the controls are simple to learn. But in order to master it and finish the game. You’ll have to use clever tactics. And take profit of your environment. Including equipment to adapt to every situation.
  •  Highly customizable gameplay – Play with a variety of builds in Inmortis. There are lots of weapons to use. Also fully customizable equipment, many spells and abilities. So you can prepare for any situation. But choose wisely and prepare yourself for each encounter.
  •  Face difficult choices – During your journey, you’ll quickly realize that neither pure good nor evil exists in this game. In fact, these are relative concepts. Since you’ll have to make sacrifices in order to save your soul.
  •  Handcrafted World – While everyone loves good roguelikes. And procedurally generated levels mean the dev’s can’t really control what the player will be facing. So that’s why each level is created pixel by pixel. While offering the best experience to the player.
  •  Highly replayable – The Inmortis world itself doesn’t change. But it can be seen in two different ways. As your corruption increases, you’ll see a totally different world. You’ll also receive random effects. Each one with a specific buff and debuff, that will greatly change how you experience the game each time.

While not really a fan of pixel art games. Inmortis certainly offers a disturbing action RPG. The demo will give you a decent impression. Make sure to check out the campaign page for full details.
The full game is coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC via Steam. With 24 days left to hit that €20,958 pledge goal.

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