Inner Chains FPS horror gets publisher support

inner chains

Inner Chains the #FPS #horror game is coming to Linux, as we already know. Now after being picked up by publisher IMGN.PRO, the Polish company will be publishing and handling digital & retail duties for worldwide #distribution. IMGN.PRO will also be taking care the console ports.

Inner Chains was initially outlined to release on Linux and Windows PC release prior to IMGN.PRO. Having launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $18,708 with confirmed Linux support.

Inner Chains takes player through a survival experience on a harsh but terrifying planet of horrors. Aside from the nightmare-like environments, the player is tasked with discovering the secrets within ruined religious sites all over the dying planet.

Łukasz Kubiak from IMGN.PRO even commented on the addition of Inner Chians:

“It was a love at a first sight when we found out about the debut title from the Telepaths’ Tree guys. Imagine a dark world where HR Giger meets Zdzisław Beksiński, add a grim, dualistic story and AAA graphics to it – that’s what Inner Chains is all about. To be successful as a publisher nowadays you need to be excited about the games in your portfolio, and let me let you into a secret – today I’m excited as never before!”

Developer Telepath’s Tree now unveiled a bunch of new improvements thanks to the support of IMGN.PRO:

  • More differentiated environment with improved interaction.
  • More advanced flora – more interactive plants, both hostile and friendly.
  • Additional elements encouraging to explore the world of Inner Chains and its history.
  • Additional enemy types.
  • New mechanics of weapon-upgrade system.
  • Additional gameplay mechanics improving combat tactics.
  • General game mechanics improvement (especially combat).
  • More detailed locations.

Inner Chains is scheduled for release in Q1 2017 for Linux and Windows PC. A Steam page is available, but information is only covered the game features with no further details regarding platform information.


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