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Inner World – The Last Wind Monk releases now

the inner world – the last wind monk releases now on linux and ubuntu mac and windows games 2017

Kalypso Media, Headup Games and Studio Fizbin announce The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk. The games sequel to the award winning adventure title The Inner World is available now. Which also releases now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows.

For those new to the fascinating and beautifully created world of Asposia. Kalypso has a new short trailer for The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk, just ignore the date.

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk – Short Trailer:

About The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk

Solve mind-bending puzzles in a world full of mystery and save the family of the flute-noses! Their dynasty has been watching over Asposia for centuries and in secret. They fill the roly-poly world with light and life. But when their existence is discovered, they become hunted. Emil, a trader for odds and ends, has made all the Asposians believe that the dynasty is in cahoots with dark forces. The only one who can stop the evil Emil is Robert, the heir to the throne. The only problem is that Robert has been petrified in stone for three years.

With a huge dose of enthusiasm, but little to no idea what he’s actually doing. Robert embarks on an adventure to find the legendary last wind monk. Of course, he has some great company: Peck, as loyal as he is flightless. And Laura, a rebel who certainly does fly, but only off the handle. Also who Robert loves, with a capital ‘L’. Everything changes however, when they meet the mysterious Mama Dola. Who seems to know more about Robert’s destiny than Robert would like. So it’s time to explore across Linux, Mac and Windows.

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk Features

  • Switch seamlessly between playing our charming Asposian heroes Robert and Laura. Also their clumsy but friendly pigeon, Peck.
  • Enjoy hilarious dialogues with amazing voice-overs.
  • Hours of fun brainteasers await you: Challenge Uncle Oboe to a game of Knock-Knock and win some much needed prison toilet paper, cause trouble in the tumble mouse shearing factory, help a desperate Bingo Pony become happy once again, bring an adorable baby gorf back home, and save Asposia! Again!
  • A patented, multi-level hint system enables everyone to finish the game!
  • Learn new songs on your magic flute nose, to activate ancient artifacts and invoke the wind!
  • Lose yourself in the beautiful animation and atmospheric soundtrack.
  • Explore the topsy-turvy cable car station of Asposia Central, get to know the quirky tumble mouse factory workers, reveal the secret of the Shovel Mountains, and much more!

The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk releases now for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also discounted 15% until October 17th, 2017 on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

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