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InnerSpace gets a new teaser trailer (Linux)

innerSpace gets a new teaser trailer for linux mac windows games steam

Aspyr Media and PolyKnight Games released a new teaser trailer. Hence the upcoming title for Linux, Mac and Windows. All for the visually breathtaking, exploration-flying game InnerSpace. Which is also coming to the Nintendo Switch. Since it is set in a universe of inverted physics. InnerSpace puts players into the role of “the cartographer”. While tasked with uncovering long forgotten secrets of the ancients deities that once inhabited the land. So players will discover paths to uncharted worlds. Where gravity pulls outward, instead of grounding to the planet’s center.

InnerSpace – Teaser Trailer:

InnerSpace Features

  • Discover The Inverse – InnerSpace is a game about exploration, about player-driven moments both small and grandiose. Take your time, soar through the skies and dive through the oceans, and the secrets of Inverse will reveal themselves.
  • Relics of the Ancients – Scattered among the ruins are priceless relics that reveal key information about the civilizations that once were, as well as provide technological upgrades to your glider.
  • Colossal Mystery – You are not alone. Discover the giant demigods who now rule this realm. Only by uncovering their secrets will you learn the truth of the Inverse.
  • The Art of Flight – Featuring an ephemeral art style and soothing electronic musical score, InnerSpace delivers a thoughtful, provocative flying experience unlike any other.

InnerSpace is an exploration flying game currently in development for Linux, Mac and Windows. Set in a world where physics are inverted, explore the setting of interconnected, inverted spheres. Each is an interior world of once-inhabited islands surrounded by water, where gravity pulls outwards, away from the center. Piloting an agile aircraft, take the role of an unnamed cartographer to explore the various bubble-worlds, collect relics, and encounter each bubble’s unique patron deity- all to discover more about the universe, its history, and its future.

InnerSpace is coming soon at an expected retail price of $19.99 USD via Steam and Humble Store. So this means the games debut will be on Linux, Mac, Windows, Switch, Playstation 4 and Xbox One. Release dates are incoming.

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