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Insidia the free to play games native release

insidia the free to play games linux release on steam

Insidia is a free to play turn-based online strategy game for Mac and Window, with a Linux release inbound. The games developer Bad Seed, just contact me on Facebook. And the game will have an official Linux release on Steam, Tuesday January, 23rd, 2018.
So if you are looking for the next free to play download on Linux, voila.

Insidia comes complete with fast paced battles. While two players confront each other commanding a band of four powerful heroes. Each engages in gameplay that blends together League of Legends with X-COM.

The game also features a unique combat system. So you can expect simultaneous yet fast turns and a flexible combo system. With a simple order, given within an handful of seconds. This allows all heroes of a team can join their forces, achieving spectacular results. This sounds like an infommercial.

Insidia is set in a post apocalyptic fantasy world. Which also offers a roster of steam knights, fierce punks and weird mutants. Also quite a few other champions of an octane-crazed land.

Insidia gameplay trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Insidia Features

  • Simultaneous Turns
  • Fast PVP battles
  • Flexible combo system
  • MOBA style objectives
  • Bright, colorful and cartoonish visuals
  • Designed for E-Sport

Free to play turn-based online strategy?

  • Combo System
    Blend your champions’ abilities to deliver devastating blows.
  • Map Objectives
    INSIDIA is not a simple deathmatch. Seize critical locations to control the battlefield and then lay waste to your opponent’s base.
  • Fast Battles
    Fight for glory in less than 15 minutes!

So there you have it. The games actually pretty good and it’s still in Early Access. Therefore there is far less to worry about seeing it’s a Free game, on Linux.

Release in Steam games:

You can find Insidia on Steam. Free to play games that are actually good, this is one of them. So do note, games available for Linux on January 23rd, 2018.

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