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Insurgency: Sandstorm to delay native support

insurgency: sandstorm will delay linux and mac support, focusing on windows

Insurgency: Sandstorm FPS from New World Interactive will delay Linux and Mac support. Since this news is recently released news via the developers page. Which presents some distinct design changes and game modes.

From the Insurgency: Sandstorm post for Linux and Mac:

“As far as platforms go, we’ve decided to delay Mac and Linux support for post-release. We’re finding our time will be best spent on developing for Windows, Xbox One, and PS4. Our priority is to make those three platforms fully functional first, then expand after release.

Since this is not much of a surprise. It also means it’s more common with Unreal Engine 4 games. Hence the case here. Which is true for games like EVERSPACE, which now has a Linux beta release. Also Ruiner, which will make a Linux debut, but it seems uncertain when. New World leave Linux out to focus on the main platforms. A disappointment but again, not a surprise.

Game design changes and game modes:

“The setting of Insurgency: Sandstorm has been developed further. Though we initially wanted to portray particular contemporary real world conflicts. We actually found this approach restrictive of our design and, admittedly, sensitive. Instead, our conflict is fictionalized, but draws inspiration from various modern real world insurgencies. This is in regards to environment, gameplay, characters, vehicles, equipment, weapons, etc.”

“The planned game modes for release are as follows: Push, Firefight, and Capture the Base for Versus, plus Checkpoint, Operation, and Outpost for Coop. Push and Firefight, will not have drivable vehicles. Operation will offer a new kind of experience. We’ll be sharing more about that in due time.”

So it’s a pleasure to see further detail here about the game modes for Insurgency: Sandstorm. Despite some change in the approach to conflicts. Since this will create more of a real world feel. Also, something of a personal interest. Since other FPS games incorporate various aspects of this as well.
New World Interactive is obviously creating a more vivid approach to Insurgency: Sandstorm gameplay. Which seems to ring true, along side some of the earlier Battlefield campaigns.

Stay tuned for more details.

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