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Insurgent Games Makes All Games Free, Releases Everything as Open Source

Hey developers! I haven’t posted in here in forever but I used to be a regular. I’m the developer for Insurgent Games which is now fairly dormant. I now have a separate full-time job that provides much more stable income, and other interesting programming/hacking challenges.

So we just decided to make all of our games free and open source (GPLv3)! Here’s our announcement about it:

All of the code is hosted on Github:

While I don’t plan on updating any of these anytime soon, if anyone else wants to patches are totally welcome. I hope that maybe newbie programmers can use these projects to better learn how to develop games.

It’s also important to note that none of them have been updated for some time. They use a variety of technologies (cocos2d in Objective C, Marmelade SDK in C++, GameSalad), and since those projects have been updated a lot since I’ve updated the games they might not compile without a bit of tinkering.

I also have a couple of started-but-never-finished projects that I could throw up on Github if there’s any interest.

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