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Insurgent Games makes all their Android games free and open source

We have followed Insurgent Games for some time now, since the time they were founded which was near when we started ourselves. Now the two developers who formed Insurgent Games are moving on, closing down shop to peruse other projects. However, they have left gifts for the community.

Instead of just closing up shop and moving on, Micah Lee and Crystal Mayer have switched all the prices of their games on the Android Market (and iOS for that matter) to free. To top that off though, all of their games are now open source and are available for download on Github.

The two developers threw their games up as open source under the GNU General Public License in the hopes that other aspiring developers can take their code and learn from it. This also means, if people want to, they can support the games and further develop them if they choose to.

We have linked all the source codes for all of Insurgent Games’ titles below. It is always sad to see game developers close up shop but at the same time, it is always good to see support for the community. Best of luck to Micah and Crystal.

Developer Website: Insurgent Games

Downloads: Skeleton Key | Cryptose | Aeropack | teh internets | Alphabet Blocks

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