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INTERASTRA a survival seeks community support

interastra a survival game seeks community support for linux with windows pc

INTERASTRA a survival game seeks community support for Linux with Windows PC. Thanks to the Polish developer of mobile and pc games, T-Bull. They also just announced their latest title, due to make its way onto Steam Early Access soon.

The developers are blazing a completely new trail in their history with INTERASTRA. The space survival game of unique scale and trying gameplay. Which will be available soon for Windows PC players. However, the developers are not opposed to Linux, according to their recent email reply.

For INTERASTRA we are using Unity.
If the interest among Linux users will be high. We will consider making a Linux version.

So, the deceptive part here is “consider making”. I know, I know, it’s not a formal Yes. This is where the small market share in gaming requires more community interest to gain support for Linux. Therefore, be sure to show your Tux Love or +1 in the link above.
This could also mean good news for temporary Proton support. But, a native Linux build is certainly far better.

interastra a survival game screenshot for linux with windows pc

What can you expect:

INTERASTRA is previously known under the working title “Space Simulator”. The new title is a space survival game that throws the player into the distant corners of a fictional galaxy. Since every decision may rule his or her survival. For a glimpse, you can see a very short teaser HERE.

INTERASTRA is a survival game taking place in a science fiction reality. The gameplay is based on two levels. The first one is the exploration of distant planets. So things like learning their specifics, adapting to their conditions, and fighting to survive.
But in order to meet these demands, players will have a vast system to create items. These include tools, all kinds of materials, and food. At every moment of the game, the player will have to be aware of the state of his equipment. This also means having to maintain vital limits: oxygen, hydration, hunger, fatigue.

Players will have to visit distant planets with different traits. So the ability to adapt will be the basis to meet the trying gameplay. The second level of INTERASTRA gameplay is the building of space rockets. These allow further travel to unknown corners of the galaxy. Here too, the developers have focused on creating a strict flight simulation system. This starts with planning, ending with the full shaping of the machine.


  • Traveling across a fictional Solar System
  • A full fledged space survival mode
  • Simulation of activities in space and on distant planets
  • Construction and modification of spacecraft
  • Additional storyline
  • Creating the tools, materials, and food needed to survive
  • Expanding knowledge about space

INTERASTRA is a singleplayer game aimed at PC’s. Slated for Windows PC, but hold hoped based on community feedback. Plus you can also add the game to your Wishlist on Steam. And the Early Access version is expected to debut soon.

interastra a survival game screenshot for linux with windows pc winter

interastra a survival game screenshot for linux with windows pc inventory

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