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Interplanetary release coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC next week

Interplanetary release coming to Linux, Mac and Windows

After more than a year since we posted news about Interplanetary being available on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. The turn-based strategy artillery game that offers players an interplanetary battlefield where you can develop home planets and use massive artilleries to wage war.

The title has come a long way and the development team at Team Jolly Roger have introduced save games and match customization. All in preparation for Interplanetary’s official launch on May 12th. Check out the new trailer below for next week’s big release.

Major Added Features:

  • Online Matchmaking
    • A quick way of starting online matches with a push of a button
  • Match Customization Options
    • A nice amount of options to change up the rules of the game. These include the ability to choose the amount of Cities, change the size of the planets, modify the strength of gravity, disable certain weapons or gameplay elements and more.
  • City Projects
    • A new gameplay mechanic that allows players to assign Projects for cities. The projects generally have a set duration and give resource bonuses and other perks. The amount of population in each city determines the amount of projects the player is able to initiate.
  • AI Difficulty Levels
    • Four difficulty levels for the AI, including a stupid, impossible cheating AI for ultimate challenge
  • Saved Games
    • Matches might drag on a bit, so this should come in handy!
  • Damage Area Visualizations
    •  Hit area markers that show the exact area of damage dealt by the projectiles. They lend themselves to some interesting, advanced strategies.
  • New Event Log
    • A clearer, much less spammy event log. Also quite a bit prettier.
  • New Tech Tree
    • A lot of new techs have been added to house all the Building Upgrades and City Projects. Also a nice graphical update that helps visualizing the branches, paths and unlocks.
  • New Building
    • The Offshore Mine, an advanced resource building, buildable only on water
  • New Upgrades
    • A bunch of new upgrades, most of them having pros and cons to add some interesting choices and strategy paths.
  • New Intel Mechanics
    • Intel View UI completely redone. Players will be able to see the exact amount of Intel needed to see more of the enemy planets and also spy on their resource amounts.
  • New City Growth/Science Mechanics
    • The players will be able to boost their Cities’ Population growth by using Projects or attaching Power Connectors to them. The amount of Population is also tied to the amount of Science generation, so the more citizens you have, the faster you will gain new Techs.
  • Achievements
    • 26 achievements for players to unlock. Won’t be easy!
  • Improved UI and Graphics 
    • Lots of smaller changes

Interplanetary is about developing a planet with increasingly powerful railguns, missiles and even beam weapons. Where the greatest foe is the unpredictable planetary system with its treacherous gravity wells. Mind your surroundings, use them to your advantage and blast your enemies back to the stone age. And grow a world of evil laboratories to research new and more potent lasers.

Starting May 12th, Interplanetary will cost $14.99/€14.99. There is still one week to get the game for $9.99/€9.99 before it leaves Early Access.


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