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Interplanetary released on Steam Early Access for Windows, Linux, and Mac

Developed by Team Jolly Roger for Windows, Linux and Mac, Interplanetary is a hard science fiction turn-based #strategy artillery #game where players wage wars by developing their home planets and firing their interplanetary barrages through the planetary system. The game combines base building with classic artillery game mechanics. The tricky part is firing your cannons through the planetary system, avoiding other planets’ gravitation or using it to your advantage.


It’s an arms race of interplanetary scale, with each planet developing increasingly powerful railguns, missiles and even beam weapons. Sometimes, the greatest foe is the unpredictable planetary system with its treacherous gravity wells. Mind your surroundings, use them to your advantage and blast your enemies back to the stone age!


Interplanetary is currently at alpha stage and will be available on Steam Early Access today (April 18).
  • Challenge your friends in LAN, hotseat or online
  • Windows, Mac and Linux versions available
  • Build and manage your planet’s infrastructure.
  • Gather resources and decide the most efficient use for them.
  • Encourage your citizens to research and develop increasingly futuristic technologies.
  • Spy on your enemy to reveal his planet’s weak points.
  • Use your artillery constructions to aim through the planetary system, avoiding other celestial bodies and their gravity.
  • Fire your railguns, missiles and beam weapons and claim the planetary system for your civilization!

Planned features:

  • Single Player Mode with AI opponents
  • Deeper city mechanics, projects, and population productivity management
  • Building upgrades that affect the building stats and/or functionality
  • Warhead mechanics to increase missile versatility
  • Additional superweapon(s)
  • More buildings, technologies, maps

Interplanetary is now available via Steam Early Access, priced at $9.99/ €9.99/£6.99 (starting with 50% discount at $4.99 USD).

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