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Interstellar Marines on Kickstarter is coming to Linux

Interstellar Marines a sci-fi FPS focused on tactical co-op, role-playing and nonlinear gameplay and it’s been accepted on Steams Greenlight. Now it is on Kickstarter to get the funds needed to finish the game. Estimated delivery: Dec 2013

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Immersive AAA-quality Indie FPS with RPG elements, tactical co-op & nonlinear gameplay set in a believable future.

30 SECONDS OF SCI-FI CO-OP FROM OUR GDC ’08 PRESENTATION. You can find the full presentation and playable prototypes of Prologue further below.


Update #3: October 31st – New Co-Op Tiers and Add-Ons

Update #2: October 29th – Tastes, Rewards and Total Biscuit

Update #1: October 27th – Wallpapers, Kickstarter FAQ for Early Supporters and Full Description of Tiers

The Vision of Interstellar Marines


This video is the full-length (15 minutes) GDC presentation from 2008 created specifically to sell the vision and gameplay of Interstellar Marines.

Playable Prototypes (PC/Mac)

Try the prototypes of Prologue right here in your browser! Click the images below and get a taste for what we’re aiming for.

Prologue Soundtrack

Interstellar Marines: Prologue is a sci-fi FPS that offers a unique blend of tactical co-op, progressive role-playing, and nonlinear gameplay, featuring the intense backstory leading up to First Contact – the first game in our ambitious trilogy.

Set in a convincing near-future time, the Interplanetary Treaty Organization (ITO) has secretly begun colonizing the first human settlement outside our solar system. Faced with the increased chance of establishing contact with another sentient species, the member countries of ITO decides to accelerate the research and training program of its interstellar warfare division, ahead of schedule.

Back on Earth, you – assuming the role as a Special Forces soldier – are transported deep beneath the salty expanse of Groom Lake, Nevada, to a high-tech military training facility, designed to train the best soldiers from all of ITO’s member countries.

Equipped with the latest in weapons and gadgets you, in cooperation with fellow candidates, will train and improve your skills in large underground training environments, ranging from shooting ranges to artificially staged hostage and first contact scenarios, all supervised by the all-encompassing AI SARA that makes sure every battle is different!

Do you have the mettle to join the spearheads of interstellar warfare?

  • Diverse Combat Training: The entire game is built with a variety of fulfilling training scenarios in single-player, co-op and multiplayer.
  • First Person Simulation: We have a razor-sharp focus on creating an immersive First Person Simulator via distinct graphics, sound and gameplay – no more floating cameras!
  • Tactical Co-Op: Prologue is designed from the ground up to support up to 4 players in co-op, with truly cooperative interaction.
  • Progressive Role-Playing: As you train your soldier you gain XP that converts into upgradeable skills on your character, weapon and equipment.
  • Customizable Arsenal: With the latest in near-future weapons and equipment at your disposal, you have the option to fully customize your arsenal on the fly.
  • Rich and Believable AI: In Prologue, we aim to deliver a believable AI that makes every encounter exciting.
  • Simulated Training Environments: Experience an atmospheric training facility built to artificially simulate every conceivable encounter. AI SARA controls the mission variables, making sure every battle is different!

Diverse Combat Training

Example: After a few rounds of leveling up your SMG at the Bullseye shooting range, you meet up with your two buddies and go for that final 3-player co-op challenge in the rookie tier that will unlock 2 new ranked co-op challenges. After that, you head in for some good ol’ Deathmatch on Combat Range 5.

Easy to learn, satisfying to master!

Prologue is designed with combat training in mind, and whether you prefer single-player, multiplayer or co-op, there will be plenty of excitement for the casual and hardcore players alike!

First Person Simulation

Example: Sprinting makes you breath heavily, which affects your aim, stamina and fogs up your helmet. Opening the helmet clears up your view and improves your aim, but removes the HUD and AI-enhanced audio. Getting shot at blurs your vision but temporarily improves your stamina, hearing and aim!

Every sight and sound affect your tactical decisions.

Prologue will feature a full-body experience where you feel present and immersed in the world – no more floating hands and lack of self-shadows!

Tactical Co-Op

Example: Pull your wounded teammates to cover. Use suppressive fire to increase co-op accuracy. Time your tactical advancement for improved co-op skills and scores.

In Prologue you are rewarded when you work together – that’s why you earn XP in solidarity.

We aim to build an experience that is designed from the ground up to support any variant of 2-4 player co-op with cooperative features that truly assist and enable your team because, without it, it’s really only a single-player experience with multiple players in it!

Progressive Role-Playing

Example: Upgrade your character’s stealth skill to be more silent while moving/reloading. Can’t hit your targets? Increase your accuracy on the weapon. Tired of the darkness? Upgrade your HUD with night-vision.

In Prologue you train your skills in three main training categories: Character, Weapon and Equipment. Each category is divided into different skills that each can be upgraded in a linearly fashion (think System Shock or Deus Ex). This allows you to uniquely customize your soldier to fit your playing style!

Customizable Arsenal

Example: Feel the power of your high-powered AR-03 assault rifle as you replace the long-range scope with a red dot sight, change to armor-piercing ammunition and empty a mag into yet another Combat Training Robot!

With the latest in near-future weapons and equipment at your disposal, you have the option to fully customize your arsenal on the fly – make your tactical choices when the situation calls for it!

Every weapon is designed to be a realistic future projection of present-day equivalents, such as the MP5 or M16. There are no laser guns in the Interstellar Marines universe!

Rich and Believable AI

Example: In the claustrophobic corridors of Compound 13, you’ve spotted a patrolling squad of Combat Training Robots. As your silenced projectile destroy the only light in the room, the robots scatter feverishly for cover. You enable your night-vision and take them out – one at a time!

Using human-like perceptions, the Combat Training Robots is designed to simulate various forms of combat behavior, choosing among a range of believable actions.

In Prologue we want to build an AI that is both believable, unpredictable and exciting to play against – No more rail-tracking AI and scripted triggers!

Simulated Training Environments

Example: Under the simulated rain of Combat Range 07, you sneak through the muddy terrain to a nearby bunker, sights on the enemy. Unexpectedly, the artificial sun overhead is reconfigured to night-mode by SARA, and you are suddenly facing your own shadow on the wall – BANG! – you’ve been outmaneuvered!

Experience an intricate and atmospheric military training facility, built deep underground to train the Special Forces of the future, for every conceivable encounter.

ITO’s all-encompassing AI presence (SARA) dynamically controls the mission variables ranging from weather simulation to rules of engagement, making sure every battle is different!

Game Identity

Whichever tier you pledge, you will be awarded a unique identity that forever proves your early support for Interstellar Marines and Open Door Development, visible in all games and on the community website. It’s an honor system we’ve been perfecting for years now, so welcome aboard!

Backer T-Shirt

Available at the $100 tier this t-shirt with front print “We Are Not Alone!” and back “Backer / Interstellar Marines” is made exclusively for the Kickstarter backers and will not be made available afterwards. Get it while you still can!

Complete Trilogy

As a Spearhead you are “all-in” which means you will receive all the games from the trilogy as they are finished, in all their digital and DRM-free glory!

Claim Your Bullseye (limited)

Get your name in the game by claiming a unique bullseye! An achievement mini-game is built around shooting all the bullseyes secretly hidden in the world, and when your bullseye is shot your username is displayed to the shooter. We’ll also send you an exclusive Bullseye pin to go with your t-shirt and subsequent bragging rights!

In-Game Helmet

As a Super Supporter ($150+ tiers) you receive an exclusive in-game helmet only wearable by Super Supporters, specifically designed to show your unique support in-game! (Does not alter gameplay)

Co-Op Packs

With this reward you will never be without friends! Co-Op Packs come in three different variants; Prologue, First Contact or Trilogy, and each of them contain 3 copies of the games to give to your friends and let you experience the games the way it was meant to be played – in 4-player Co-Op!

At the higher tiers ($200 and above) you also receive 3 extra Game Identities (Vanguard, Frontliner or Spearhead) to give to your buddies.

Movie-Size Poster

This movie-size poster is designed, like the t-shirt, exclusively to this Kickstarter campaign. The entire team of Zero Point Software will sign the poster before sending it off with much love and respect for your generous support.

Art Book

Filled with full-page concept art, renderings and illustrations about the development of Prologue, this hardcover art book will be a treat to hold in your hands. We can’t wait to sign it!

Lifetime Access

At a thousand dollars (or more) we think you deserve something extra special. That’s why we will award you with a copy of every Interstellar Marines game ever made, on every platform it is released on. To salute your support we will ship a custom-made dog tag engraved with your username and ask you to never open your wallet again; shut up and keep your money!

SARA Announcement (limited)

In collaboration with the team, you are given a unique chance to come up with an AI SARA announcement to be performed by our voice actor and put in-game for all eternity. Now that’s something to be proud of!

Here is an example of AI SARA – ITO’s official and all encompassing AI presence – performed by Terri Brosius (voice of SHODAN in the System Shock series)

Collectible Statue (limited)

If you are putting down thousands of dollars we want to honor you, both in-game and physically. So we’ll ship you a one of a kind collectible Marine statue (approx. 6 inches tall) to look after you, while you play Interstellar Marines. We’ll also tie-in your statue with a “find the collectible statues” mini-game, which display your username and custom message to the players when they find the digital version of your statue. It’s a win-win for everyone!

In-Game Shrine (limited)

What better way to be eternally remembered than to put up a shrine and let the community worship your digital alter ego, in commemoration of your enormous support! We will ask you to send us a posing photo and in return we’ll place a shrine in Prologue posed to your likening, and with your username eternally engraved. We’ll also ship a poster of your shrine signed by the artist, as a proof for nonbelievers!

Design Weapon (limited)

If you’ve ever dreamt about designing the next MP5 or M16 – now is your chance! At the top tier you, in collaboration with the Weapons Design team, get to be an integral part of the early brainstorm to the final design and naming of a realistic weapon, that will forever be immortalized in Prologue!

Meet the Team (limited)

Look, if you’ve put down ten grand you should be allowed to see where your hard-earned cash end up! You are invited to our humble office in wonderful Copenhagen, Denmark where you will meet and hangout with the team behind Interstellar Marines. Based on your preferences, we will arrange for a fun and exciting VIP treatment at our expense! (Travel and lodging not included)

Who Are Zero Point Software?

We are two partners (the two guys from the video) working full-time on the project: Kim (Game Director) and Mikael (Programmer). We both share a profound interest in FPS games and science fiction, and have over 20 years of game development experience combined.

Through the years of working on the gameplay prototypes we have assembled a core roster of extremely talented people who have all worked on the project at some point, and are ready to go full-time when the resources allow for it. Their experiences range from small unknown indie titles to big blockbuster games like Crysis and Deus Ex, and they all share the same intense desire to realize this ambitious project with us.

What Is Your Money Going Toward?

We know $600,000 is a lot of money. Making FPS games is difficult and expensive – especially with the AAA-quality that we’re aiming for – so to be able to finish Prologue we need to hire a roster of artists, designers and programmers who all excel at their individual craft. This amounts for most of the budget.

With the team secured, we will be able to take Prologue from its current prototype stage to the finished game, while offering you a unique chance to join us in the Open Door Development.

It’s a recipe we’ve been fine-tuning for years so rest assured that we will spend every dollar wisely on building the best game humanly possible, in collaboration with you!

What is Open Door Development?

In the process of developing our gameplay prototypes, we’ve learned how extremely valuable the feedback, ideas and critique from the community, is to the success of our game. This is precisely why we decided to “open the doors” during the development of Prologue – to the fans that truly care!

With Open Door Development we’re granting access to all Vanguards, Frontliners and Spearheads, in the hope that they will play and provide their much valued feedback in return.

During this Kickstarter campaign you can access all our prototypes without an Open Door Development “access pass”, and we highly encourage you to check them out on!

(As a side note; if you are a game developer, or just generally intrigued by this development philosophy, we just recently gave a presentation about Lessons Learned in Open Door Development)

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