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Interstellar Space: Genesis 4X strategy support

interstellar space genesis 4x strategy support for linux and windows pc

Interstellar Space: Genesis is a new 4x strategy game coming to Windows, but has Linux support in the wings. Thanks to developer Praxis Games. The games due to release on Steam soon. So we have details about support.

Interstellar Space: Genesis is a spiritual successor to Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares. Including other classic 4X strategy titles from the ‘90s. Releasing on Steam, July 25th for Windows PC. But what about native support for the single player game?

Linux Support:

We wish to port the game to Linux at some point. Since we’re in Unity it shouldn’t be too hard.

The Linux confirmation is a plus. Since the games due to release on Steam this week. The port which is also mentioned in FAQ will not be happening right away.
Which means patience for some. But I have tested Interstellar Space: Genesis via Proton and works well. And still the best workaround for Unity based games. At least until the native release.

Interstellar Space: Genesis is the brainchild of Praxis Games. Both Adam Solo and Hugo Rosado make up the Portuguese studio. The team behind well known sci fi strategy website SpaceSector.

Interstellar Space: Genesis Launch Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux)

Interstellar Space: Genesis uses classic turn based space 4X strategy mechanics. Then adds in a few twists of its own. While including several brand new mechanics. Creating a truly unique entry into the genre. Gameplay features modern quality of life. Which gets rid of all the micro management.

The core of Interstellar Space: Genesis is a 4X strategy. While you attempt to build a thriving galactic empire. You can also discover the mysteries among the stars. Colonising on procedurally generated worlds. Taking on enemies in tactical turn based combat. All on your journey to becoming the Ruler of the Galaxy.


  • Turn based tactical combat in Interstellar Space: Genesis. With detailed ship customization and free space based movement within a range.
  • The Soundtrack is by Grant Kirkhope (GoldenEye 007, Civilization: Beyond Earth, Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle). And Ryan McQuinn (Lotia, Dungeons and Doritos, Call of Cthulhu Mystery Program, Liberty: Vigilance, Dark Dice).
  • Custom alien races with specific planet types. Also unique leaders and random tech trees for each culture.
  • Deep colony creation and terra forming. Including Interstellar Space: Genesis political systems.
  • Various search and explore mechanics. And the freedom to define a culture’s wants and needs.
  • Complex economic model with asteroid mining. Including space tourism and much more!

Backstory for Interstellar Space: Genesis
You are among the latest and perhaps the last. Undertaking this great journey into the stars.
While the universe may be ancient. You and your rivals are still young. As you compete with others for control of the galaxy. Those far older and more powerful than you watch from a distance. Their true intent covered in shadows. It’s time for you to prove that your Empire deserves to rule. Making it your galaxy, once and for all. It’s up to you to prove your worth.

Interstellar Space: Genesis will release on Steam. Also on and Humble Store. Arriving Thursday, July 25 for $29.99 USD / €27.99 / £22.99. Available on Windows PC, with Linux support coming later.

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