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Into Eternity a unique first person horror game

into eternity a unique first person horror game for linux and windows

Into Eternity first person horror and point and click adventure games coming to Windows and Linux. Thanks to Givit Game Studios Ltd who are proud to announce their next game. Which will be releasing September 2019. Also coming to both Steam and

Into Eternity is a first person horror game. Which is also a point and click adventure. Where you explore a 4x4km (2.4×2.4 mile) island. Which also has a dynamic weather and seasons system. The games story will have six different endings. So each player will have a unique experience. While exploring this unique world.
And the best part. This game is the prologue to Givit next game. Which the studio will be announcing early next year.

Linux Support:

“Yes the game (Into Eternity will be launched on Linux on the 15th September. We are using the Unity 3D engine.”

So this is indeed good news. What’s also important here, day one support. And again, Unity 3D is the game engine of choice. Which seems to be holding up quite consistently. But sadly, there is no Steam or page yet. So that means we will have to wait. But… check out the trailer below.

Into Eternity Teaser Trailer (Linux, Windows)

What the developer are creating is something original with Into Eternity. A first person horror that is also a point and click adventure. Which is unique, people exploring the 4x4km (2.4×2.4 mile) island. So I’m eager to see how the weather and seasons blend in. As well as the interactions in game. Particularly since the games story will have six different endings. See how this will lead into a unique experience. Even though the trailer gives us a minimal taste.


  • Dynamic weather system, this includes dynamic seasons
  • Beautiful sun rise and sun set
  • First person point and click adventure

The launch date for Into Eternity is this year September 15th. It will be available on Steam and Coming to both Linux and Windows. Also priced at a casual $3.50 (USD).
For more information, check out the official website. Follow on Twitter and Facebook too.

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