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Into the Fray update is now live for Albion Online

into the fray update is now here for albion online on linux mac windows pc

Into the Fray game update is now here for Albion Online on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Which is the result of the work and dedication of developer Sandbox Interactive. Which is still free to play via Steam and the official website.

Into the Fray is officially out now. This update brings a range of new features. Including reworked Magic Staffs, new Portal Towns, improved Castles, and Dynamic Events. As well as new Arena and Crystal League modes, and more.

Get into the action with the Magic Staffs’ new visuals and animations with reworked abilities. With Into the Fray, now Castles and Outposts get a remake with new graphics, layouts, and mechanics. Due to make these high-end aims more stirring than ever. And the Crystal Arena and Non-Lethal Crystal League offer competitive but handy 5v5s for players of all levels.

Albion Online | Into The Fray

Albion Online at your fingertips with new Portal Towns in the Outlands. Offering Bank and Marketplace access along with visually reworked Invisibility Shrines. Resources now have a graphical makeover and stand out within their settings. Due to making gathering easier and more inviting. New Daily Events offer bonuses for a wide range of activities. Due to welcome players to try new parts of the game. And also shaking up Albion’s economy.

Into the Fray upgrades also offer a new Activities UI. While providing an easy overview of all ongoing events. Twitch Drops are available for the first time. As Victory Emotes let players mark kills with audio and visual notices. Lost Equipment Loadouts allow easy regearing after death. Plus a new Journey Back ability helps cut down on long travel times. While Gathering Tomes offers a faster gathering pace. Training Dummies allow players to practice combat and healing abilities on their Islands.

For the full list of Into the Fray changes, check out the official patchnotes. Albion Online is a free to play fantasy sandbox MMORPG game. With access on both Steam and the official website. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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