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Into the Grid is due to offer its first playtest

into the grid is a cyberpunk roguelike deckbuilder game for linux mac and windows pc offers its first playtest

Into the Grid is a cyberpunk roguelike deckbuilder game for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC, due to offer its first playtest. Thanks to the innovative team at Flatline Studios for bringing this exciting experience to life. You can sign up on Steam.

So, there’s a new title hitting the gaming scene that’s grabbing a lot of attention. It’s Into the Grid, and it’s a bit more unique than you’ve seen before. Imagine the best parts of a roguelike deckbuilder and a tabletop board game coming together on Linux. It’s all about quick, intense card battles but with a twist of strategic map exploration and managing resources.

The standout feature in Into the Grid is unlockable skills called Commands. These are skills you set before jumping into the action. They allow you to pull off some epic combos and are fueled by a resource you get just by playing cards. Mauro Annetta, co-founder and Game Director, explains how this system gives you a ton of flexibility. So, even if your hand isn’t perfect, you’ve always got moves to make. That’s a game-changer, as it cuts down the frustration of getting a bad draw

Into The Grid – Battle Gameplay Preview

Now, let’s talk exploration. Into the Grid is not just about the battles. You’re navigating this node-based board that’s different every time. Planning, resource management, and using special tools are key to surviving in this digital world that’s always throwing new challenges at you.

The Into The Grid setting? A Cyberpunk universe that’s been in the works since 2021. Bruno Annetta, Studio Director and co-founder, mentions they’re building a rich story world. It’s not just about the battles and strategy; they’re weaving character stories and stunning visuals to pull you in. For anyone who likes a good narrative and eye-catching graphics, this is for you.

Into The Grid is due to get its first playtest on Steam in mid-January. It’s a sneak peek at the combat section, and they’re inviting feedback. This is just a slice of what’s to come, with the full release due to hit Early Access in Q4 2024. Already a thousand people have signed up, but there’s still room for more. Check out the Steam Page to jump in. Plus, they’re looking for 20 people for private live sessions – here’s your chance to get a closer look and contribute to the development. If interested, apply through this link.

This roguelike deckbuilder isn’t just about playing a new title. It’s a chance to be part of a community shaping an innovative gaming experience. So, if you’re into strategic play, rich stories, and great visuals, Into the Grid is something you’ll want to check out. So apply for the first playtest on Steam. Let’s dive into this digital world together and see what it’s all about. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.