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Into the Rift DLC launches for Avorion

into the rift new game dlc launches for avorion on linux mac windows pc

Into the Rift new game DLC launches for Avorion on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuously clever minds of Boxelware. Which is available now on Steam.

With Into the Rift, the indie developer studio Boxelware is releasing a new DLC. While leveling up the space sandbox Avorion. The new expansion lets players travel to a formerly unknown dimension. Here they will complete research expeditions and earn fat rewards. In addition to all the new features and upgrades, Boxelware has advanced the story. Along with the further lore of Avorion with the DLC.

Into the Rift launches players into a new setting. This is where they uncover the secrets around the origins of the numerous galactic rifts. The journey into the unknown is only possible thanks to new technology. Ships are now capable of traveling between all the rifts scattered about the galaxy. A least since the last attack by the fiendish Xsotan.

Avorion – Into The Rift DLC Official Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

Now it’s up to the players to bring an end to the war against the Xsotan plague. Doing so by taking on challenging rift expeditions in the service of the rift research centres. Here players can collect valuable research data. This can be traded for upgrades such as powerful hybrid subsystems for their ships. They can also keep everything they found on their dangerous journey for themselves. The deeper the players travel into the new dimension, the more dangerous the adventure becomes. With Into the Rift, the greater danger comes better rewards.

The space sandbox Avorion has sold over 500,000 copies. All due to ongoing maintenance and the Black Market DLC. Thanks to these updates, Avorion has received over 10,000 reviews on Steam. These Steam reviews are 90% positive. Also making Avorion one of the best crafted games from Germany on Steam. Into the Rift is the second official DLC for the title. ​

Main features:

  • A previously uncharted dimension: Players explore dangerous new settings while uncovering the secrets of the Rift Dimension.
  • New Story Campaign: In Into the Rift, the fate of the galaxy is in the players’ hands. Is this the end of the Xsotan plague?
  • In the service of research: Collected research data can be sold. Or exchanged for new hybrid subsystems.
  • Hidden treasures: Undisturbed ancient wrecks and more lost treasures. A visit to the Rift Dimension is due to be lucrative for all players.
  • Two new captain classes: Scientists assist in collecting research data to be sold. Or traded for subsystems. Xsotan Hunters attract large Xsotan specimens that players can wipe out. All due to secure valuable loot.
  • New enemies, new opportunities: The galaxy’s most ruthless enemies await in the Rift Dimension . The new Xsotan and new bosses. With Into the Rift, the most skilled players can use the ancient defenses to their advantage.
  • Legendary Hybrid Subsystems: More than a dozen new subsystems equipped with the best features. Available from multiple worlds for starships. ​ ​
  • Co-op Rift Missions: Players can also team up with friends to take on the most dangerous Rift missions.

Into the Rift game DLC launches on Steam. All priced at $9.99 USD / £7.49 / 8,99€. Along with support for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC.

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