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Into The Rift new DLC coming to Avorion

into the rift new game dlc coming to Avorion on linux mac windows pc

Into The Rift new game DLC coming to Avorion on Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. All due to the work of developer Boxelware, who are taking gameplay further. Which is announced with a Steam release next month.

The popular space sandbox game Avorion will soon get a new major DLC, “Into the Rift!”. Due to give players a more detailed first look at the many new features. The indie studio Boxelware has released a bunch of new details in a gameplay-trailer.

Also, Boxelware has announced the release date. The new expansion DLC “Into the Rift!” will release on Steam, August 4, 2022.

Avorion – Into The Rift DLC Official Trailer

In addition to numerous new Into The Rift features and upgrades. The indie studio Boxelware continues to expand the Avorion universe. Both in terms of lore and story as in actual size. Since a major attack by the hostile Xsotan some 200 years ago. Due to mysterious rifts have been throughout the galaxy. The result of the attack is a permanent battle between the Xsotan and the rest of the beings of the galaxy. Not even the most powerful ships were able to enter these rifts. They could only be crossed … until now, in Into The Rift.


  • Discover a new dimension unlike anything you’ve seen before in the galaxy.
  • Prepare your ship accordingly to master the dangerous new environments and uncover the secrets surrounding the origins of the Rifts.
  • Complete Rift Expeditions for the Rift Research Center, and receive new, powerful hybrid subsystems in return – or simply keep everything you find in the Rifts.
  • Remember, the deeper you venture Into the Rifts, the more lucrative and dangerous they become.

Avorion Boxelware remains true to its DLC policy. So it will not exclude any players from the servers with the release of “Into the Rift!” if do not buy the DLC. The many improvements and customizations will be available to all players. Coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows PC via Steam, August 4, 2022.

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