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Invisible, Inc hits on Steam Early Access next week

Klei Entertainment shared a new trailer today heralding the Aug. 19 arrival of its #turnbased espionage title Invisible, Inc. on Steam #EarlyAccess.

Navigating an individual level itself, Invisible, Inc. is about the larger picture — gathering enough resources to complete the game’s final mission. Invisible, Inc. requires thinking on your feet. Still, if you trip just before the finish line, Klei Entertainment founder Jamie Cheng says, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself.

As players get deeper into the game, the difficulty level will gradually ramp up. Turrets become harder to hack. Guards are trickier to trick. It’s an arms race of espionage, with players working to upgrade their spies as they go. More agents wait to be found as well, giving players the chance to carefully select their teams and build up agents they find useful. Or, replace downed agents they’ve lost.

For the duration of its time in Early Access, Invisible, Inc. will be available for $15.99, 20 percent off its full price of $19.99. The game will be available for Mac and Windows PC, with Klei looking into a Linux version for later down the line. The developer also plans to make tweaks based on feedback throughout the Early Access period and encourages players to drop notes and suggestions on the Invisible, Inc official forums.

To confirm native support, Linux Game News reached out to Klei Entertainment:

Linux won’t be coming out until later in the development cycle of Early-Access, but it’s 100% going to come to Linux.

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