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Invisible, Inc. the turn-based title will have new DLC expansion releasing November 12th


The turn-based espionage game Invisible, Inc. will be getting an all new DLC expansion entitled Contingency Plan on 12th November for #Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

#ContingencyPlan will add four new agents to the mix, along with two new starting programs, new weapons, new items and programs in the extended campaign.

“The corps will be countering you with new tools of their own: new guards, new Daemons and new security installations. A few other surprises have been worked in that will reward the teams with the most tenacity.”

Klei Entertainment have also implimented a few other surprises that have been worked in to reward the teams with the most tenacity.
This expansion will also extend the campaign with a new mid-section offering further challenges and more time to develop your crew. Side objectives have also been added.

The base game also gets an update on the same date

A few highlights of the bug fixes and balance changes from the update are:

Balances and improvements

  • Fusion cooldown increased back to 4.
  • Shock Trap 3 now requires 3 PWR to place.
  • Improved Mod support will make it easier to mod in new items, programs and agents.
  • Internationale’s animated profile gets her iconic scarf!

Bug fixes

  • Lightning can work on barrier guards.
  • Buster chips can be used on rebooting cameras.
  • Discharge Re-router now works only once a turn.

Klei Entertainment have added 10 more levels of mission difficulty to keep things challenging as your agents have more time to level up.

Contingency Plan will cost $4.99 USD, but will have a 10% discount at launch for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.





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