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Iris and the Giant gripping adventure releases

Iris and the Giant roguelike deckbuilding adventure CCG releases linux mac windows pc

Iris and the Giant the roguelike deckbuilding adventure (CCG) releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Louis Rigaud and publisher Goblinz Studio. The games now live with a discount on Steam and GOG.

Iris and the Giant is a roguelike deckbuilding adventure game. Now live on both Steam and GOG. And even more, there is a 10% discount until March 5th. But the reviews on Steam are a solid 95% Very Positive.

Iris and The Giant is a fusion of a collectable card game (CCG). Which also mixes in RPG and roguelike elements. All behind the game’s unique minimalist art style. As a player you will explore a touching story of a young woman facing their inner demons. While soothing the raging giant inside. So this means you will dive into a melancholic and gripping adventure. Full of cute monsters and buried memories. Check out the trailer below.

Iris and the Giant – OFFICIAL TRAILER

Also due note, players can test their tactical skills. Facing off in turn based battles using magical cards. Allowing you to attack and defend. While unlocking new skills and cards with every run. Over time you can optimize and build the perfect deck. One designed to fit your own playstyle. Then dive deeper and deeper into the fantastical minimal world of Iris and the Giant. Hopefully you will be able to reach its most hidden corners, full of monsters and mysteries.

Fans of the genre will find the complexity of the deckbuilding satisfying. While newcomers will appreciate the progressive difficulty curve that’s designed to be approachable.


  • Tactical battles: Face monsters in fights mixing CCG mechanics with RPG and roguelike elements
  • Deckbuilding: build a deck as you progress in Iris and the Giant. Choose the best options for your long-term strategy out of a wide variety of cards
  • Deep customization: The game is packed with 51 cards and choices in how to specialize your character, your deck, and your playstyle
  • A touching adventure: A lot of care was put into adding a compelling and emotive story to a genre traditionally light on narrative
  • A progressive difficulty curve: Makes the game accessible to all, but offers a challenge to even the most hardened of players

Iris and the Giant roguelike deckbuilding adventure is out now on Steam and GOG. With a release for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Along with a 10% discount.

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