Iron Harvest RTS Kickstarter, no native support

iron harvest strategy rts kickstarter windows no linux games support

Iron Harvest RTS launches on Kickstarter for Windows, no native support. Since this is big news regarding Iron Harvest crowdfunding campaign to that $450,000 USD goal. We are excited to release news for upcoming classic real-time strategy game. Which is set in the alternate reality of 1920+.

So a couple of days ago, LGC received and email regarding Iron Harvest coming to Kickstarter. Which did not highlight anything about Linux and Mac. So we reached out to THQ Nordic, alas, no reply. Therefore we waited until the game launches crowdfunding. As expected, the lack of Linux support is apparent, but also includes an explanation.

Linux and Mac versions?

“We released most of our games for Linux and Mac. Nevertheless, at this point, we do not want to promise something we might not be able to deliver. On the technology side, Iron Harvest is much more complex than our other games, for example because of the multiplayer features. Therefore, we are going to evaluate Linux/Mac versions at a later point in time.”

That being said, we are hope that the campaign’s success will spur on Linux support. Since this has been a request with developer KING Art Games for some time. But to no avail, so now we have a Kickstarter.

Iron Harvest RTS Kickstarter Trailer (Windows, no Linux or Mac support)

Now, since KING Art Games try to stay independent. They continue to make games that people actually want. Which is also the case with Iron Harvest. Giving RTS fans what they actually want from a modern RTS. Which does favour clever tactics over action, player freedom over scripted set-piece moments. As well as a strong singleplayer campaigns over long-term monetization opportunities.

The game will feature:

  • Three playable factions with over 40 unit types and 9 heroes
  • Three singleplayer campaigns with an overarching story (21 missions)
  • Singleplayer & Co-op skirmish matches
  • Singleplayer & Co-op challenge maps
  • Competitive multiplayer (ranked matches, seasons)
  • Free DLC & Updates

Kickstarter campaign:

So if you want to support that goal, consider supporting the Kickstarter. Pledging for one of the exclusive rewards via the crowdfunding campaign or pre-order from the official website.

Therefore, if you pledge $45 USD, this will secure a copy of the digital version of the game. Which is also rather pricey. But, since the DLC will be Free, well KING Art Games seem to be making up some cost here. So it’s up to you, get in there and support that December 2019 release on Steam and GOG. And hopefully we will see Linux support too.

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