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Iron Vulture strategy line defender in the works

iron vulture strategy line defender game in the works for linux windows pc

Iron Vulture is a real time strategy line defender game for Windows PC, but also Linux as well. Thanks to a reply from developer 001Studios. The games also in development and with an upcoming Steam release.

In Iron Vulture you can command six soldiers. Doing so in real-time combat. But you can move them across lanes. While you use their abilities to eliminate wave after wave of mutated creatures. The gameplay and details caught my attention. So naturally, I reached out regarding Linux support. Since the Steam page only shows Windows specifications.

Can we expect to see a Linux port?
Yes, but not 100% sure. We haven’t done the port yet.

So the developer reply for Iron Vulture is interesting. But a Linux port is planned. Which is going to be in the works as development continues. What should not be a surprise though, the use of Unity 3D. We also have a brief teaser providing a quick glimpse of Iron Vulture. Focusing on character, combat, and bosses.

Iron Vulture – Announcement Trailer

Iron Vulture is the first studio release for 001Studio. Which has been in the works since 2017. Considered to be a real time strategy line defender. With a strong focus on pixel animation and micro control. You will command six unique soldiers in real time combat. Move them across lanes and use their specialties. While taking on wave after wave of mutated creatures. Which I have to appreciate since the combat has a faster pace.


  • Command 6 unique soldiers, defend, and hold the line at all costs!
    • Command your squad in real-time combat, covering each other while moving across lanes to eliminate enemies.
  • Battle 30+ enemies, engage in Giant Boss fights.
    • Face over 30 monsters, and fight giant bosses in epic battles. Every Iron Vulture monster has its own unique abilities.
  • Use unique abilities to turn the tide of the battle.
    • Every soldier has a unique fighting style. Take advantage of their specialties and turn the tide of the battle.
  • Upgrade and customization. Create your own playstyle.
    • Utilize the talent tree, tactical chips, and cooking system to customize your soldiers and squad, creating your own playstyle.

Sign-up for the Iron Vulture Free demo on the Official Website. The release itself is not due until 2021. So be sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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