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Irritum release coming to Linux, Mac, and Windows September 6

The 3D puzzle platformer Irritum is set to release for Windows, Mac and Linux on September 6th. The game focuses on something rarely seen in video games which is the act of suicide and the mental issues surrounding it. Irritum will have players embarking on an incredible journey that entails embracing the darkness of limbo or trying to fight for the life you tried to end.

From the Press Release
A new indie game created entirely by a 22-year-old solo developer tackles a subject rarely seen in games. After an attempted suicide leads you to purgatory, two angels of death watch over your journey back to life. Irritum – written, designed and developed in its entirety by Nick Padgett – is a 3D puzzle platformer where you must leap your way back to reality. Carve your path by altering the collisions between planes and obstacles, and try to escape your subconscious – or remain trapped in it forever. Change which planes you can touch, each represented by a colour, with the press of a button. Reverse gravity and walk on the ceilings. Create a mirror image of yourself to reach places you cannot. Avoid falling into the abyss at every turn. One uncovered memory at a time, you will begin to learn the story behind the coma you have trapped yourself in, and once-and-for-all make the decision to fight for the life you tried to leave behind – or succumb to the darkness of limbo. Irritum is among a new wave of games exploring emotion and mental illness. Discover why you are trapped in limbo. Remember what you did to get there. Decide whether or not to escape. Irritum will be available on Windows, Mac and Linux when it is released on 6 September, 2013.
To learn more, visit the official Irritum website.

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