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Is Linux better than Windows 8 for gaming?

Article by Jason Phillips

If you’re a real gamer you know just how terrifying Windows 8 can be. With the changes they’ve made there just might not be any sort of viable way for real gamers to get the kind of experience they want.

Expect seriously inconvenient DRM implementations and major difficulties for independent developers because of the proprietary (and profitable) app store built in to Windows 8. Independent developers are going to have no choice but to make the transition, meaning quality free games will disappear, too.

The Big Boys Will Still Be There, Though… Right?

You can expect the Steam client to be present on Windows 8 for a long time to come. There will also be many games and franchises created by your favorite publishers. But with many of the issues we’ve seen even the biggest publishers face with app stores, they might not be willing to work as hard as Microsoft wants them to.

Drew Bliss, one of Valve’s most famous employees, recently gave a presentation at the Ubuntu Developer Summit in Denmark. He had a few good points about why Linux is going to become the platform of choice for game developers in the new future. Here are just some of the highlights:

  1. The Steam client already runs nicely on Ubuntu
  2. Many developers have approached them regarding publishing their games on the new Steam client for Ubuntu
  3. Ubuntu has a very large user base, meaning they can get the support of bigger companies like Canonical
  4. The programming tools are already there – including OpenGL, OpenAL, PulseAudio, and input support for multiple devices.
  5. Copy protection won’t be forced on game publishers and gamers – it’s all up to the publishers.

Of course, we’re still waiting to see what happens with the Steam client, but many of the attendees of the Ubuntu Developer Summit were given access to a beta version. Users are still prevented from sharing their thoughts with the public since the system is still undergoing heavy bug testing, but indications are generally positive.

What’s wrong with Windows 8?

Besides all of the things we’ve grown used to with Microsoft, the new interface is causing a lot of gamers to lose a lot of sleep. The built in app store is being forced down our throats, and publishers are going to have to adopt the model or sell their games for other platforms.

Of course, Microsoft gets a cut of each sale. That’s not a big deal, though, because that’s how game distribution and console licensing works to begin with. But some of the “fine print” in the contracts makes independent publishers a little uneasy.

Expect a lot of your favorite games to be ported to Ubuntu (or other distributions) in the near future instead of making the transition to Windows 8.

With all of the changes taking place in the gaming world right now it’s no surprise that there is a huge transition away from Windows and to Linux distributions like Ubuntu. Thankfully it’s easy to install and many computers come with it already preinstalled at the time of purchase.

Our Final Thoughts

Even though we think Linux have a chance to win the hearts and minds of the gaming population Windows is still Windows. What does this mean? It means that huge “players”, such as Microsoft, are really hard to beat. No matter how much you love Linux, Windows is here to stay and they won’t surrender without fight. And don’t forget that Windows is installed in almost and every home. Please tell me the truth on your PC there is some Windows operating system ?

Author Bio: Jason Phillips has put down this post. He is having a degree in Animation and is working with an online gaming website company. His task is to develop online games and he newly worked on for the sonic games.

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