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ISLANDERS city builder strategy and support

islanders city builder strategy support linux windows games

ISLANDERS city builder strategy games looking at Linux support, beside Windows. Thanks to developer GrizzlyGames. Who also just released their second game on Steam. Which also launches with more good news.

ISLANDERS is a minimalist strategy game. Where players building cities on colorful, procedurally generated islands. You also explore an every changing number of new lands. While expanding your settlements from sprawling villages. All the way up to vast cities and enjoy the relaxing setting.

The gameplay of ISLANDERS is simple and easy to understand. Since you start with a set of buildings in your inventory. Which you can place on your island. Placing buildings is also rewarded with points.
The amount of points you get depends on your surrounds. That which is around the buildings when you place them. While you work to gather enough points to refill your inventory. And also unlock new buildings.

Linux Support:

“We developed ISLANDERS in Unity. Which makes it not totally unlikely, that at somepoint we’re able to provide Linux support. We hear the voice of the Linux gaming community. And would love to make ISLANDERS accessible for you guys.
Unfortunately though, we’re a very small team. With limited resources and at the moment. All hands are on deck with the Windows release. Nevertheless, keep you eyes open for a linux release that might happen some time in the future!”

Definitely some good news. A pleasure to finally see a Unity 3D looking at support. And even thought the developer does not have a release date. It would appear that Linux support is incoming.

ISLANDERS Launch Trailer (Windows, then Linux)

Also, once your city is big enough you can choose to travel. Working on the next island which are generated procedurally. So you can literally keep exploring forever.
If you run out of buildings the game ends. This is where you high five yourself for beating the high score. Taking a proud last glance at the epic city you’ve built. While you start just one more round.

GrizzlyGames is a small Berlin based indie studio. Best known for their debut game Superflight (Windows). Which became a small surprise hit with the indie community. The team met and developed ISLANDERS during their time at HTW Berlin. Where they also studied game design.

The game climbed to the top of the “New and Trending” section. Doing so within an hour of the city builder release. And the games currently available at a discounted price of $4.49 USD (regular price $4.99). Available for Windows. But ISLANDERS is also playable via Proton on Linux.

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