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Isle of Spirits castaway survival drops tomorrow

isle of spirits castaway survival game releases tomorrow on linux mac windows pc

Isle of Spirits the castaway survival game releases tomorrow on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Silver Bullet Games. Due to arrive tomorrow on Steam and

Isle of Spirits is a casual castaway survival game. Which also takes place in a voxel like landscape. Certainly more chill and casual survival game. Since your character has stranded on a mysterious uninhabited isle. Build your home, survive, and fight against microclimates or supernatural phenomenons. The isle will be your home and your enemy. But it also offers all resources to live. Yet it is full of terrible dangers. Therefore, its probably a good deal to check out the Isle of Spirits trailer.

What makes gameplay special

  • Explore and observe your new environment. Time is all you have left anyway.
  • Think and learn by yourself about the different ways you can organize your survival.
  • Avoid the natural disasters and protect yourself from strange fogs that roam the island. Since death lurks and is relentless on the Isle of Spirits.
  • Organize your days, find resources, cultivate and cook. Be sure to craft objects and tools. While build a shelter you may call Home.
  • Find a way to escape from this deserted island (is it?) and return to civilization.

Isle Of Spirits – Launch Trailer


  • Discover an infinity of islands – The map is procedurally generated at each new game
  • Craft – Find resources and craft items and tools to survive
  • Build your house – Houses provide a lot of benefits you will have to discover
  • Farming – Cultivate food
  • Take care of you – Protect yourself in Isle Of Spirits. Since you will face hunger, sleep or temperature changes
  • Supernatural phenomenons – From tornado to things hidden in the darkness, the isle itself will try to kill you… or its spirits
  • Learn how to survive – Isle Of Spirits will not explicitly explain you anything. So you will quickly discover the rules by yourself. Trust the isle, it will not let you stay quiet for a very long time…
  • Permadeath – Dying means starting a new adventure on a new isle, and to be well prepared this time

Isle Of Spirits castaway survival game releases tomorrow. Priced at $15 USD / €13.60 / $21.03 CAD / £12.31 on Steam and Available on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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