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Isletopia a new relaxing strategy just announced

isletopia a relaxing strategy game just announced for both linux and windows pc

Isletopia a relaxing strategy just announced for both Linux and Windows PC. Which is due to the efforts of developer Gamex Studio. Working its way onto Steam.

Publisher and Developer Gamex Studio revealed the first gameplay trailer for Isletopia. Due to being a fresh take on relaxing games, and inspired by the likes of Terra Nil, Islanders, and Dorfromantik.

Get away from it all, if even for a while, and land on the islands of Isletopia. Your journey of greenifying starts with islands in varying bare biomes. Since it is up to you to find the best ways to recover the islands in lush green once again. All while you enjoy the relaxing setting of Isletopia. Marvel at your grand creations, as you explore an vast amount of procedurally generated islands.

Isletopia – Reveal Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Each playthrough begins with a new barren island to greenify. You begin with a set of different plants to start greenifying the island. This gives you points based on how well you place them. Since they are affected by terrain and other objects around them.
Gain enough Isletopia points to receive more plants to place. Then unlock new types of not just plants, but also the ability to change terrain and add amazing buildings.


  • easy city building, but with plants as your building blocks
  • a relaxing and vibrant island setting
  • an endless amount of procedurally generated islands
  • perfect for short play sessions. Also coming back to explore new islands and beat your high score

Greenify enough of a Isletopia island to unlock the option to begin biome recovery. Doing so a new procedurally generated island. The game ends once your inventory is emptied. Marvel at your amazing creation and then start a new round. While you attempt to beat your high score. Each playthrough is unique – so how many islands can you restore in one?

Isletopia is relaxing strategy games for Linux and Windows PC. All due to make its way onto Steam. The release date is still TBD.